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Instrumental Pop Vol 2 + FLASH SALE @ ProducerLoops.com

'Instrumental Pop Vol 2' continues this series of versatile Construction Kits which blend the accessible chord progressions of Contemporary Pop with the cutting-edge production techniques of EDM. These tracks are ready and waiting for vocal performances, with euphoric melodies, lush pads and powerful drums throughout. This is a high-energy collection, packed full of all the features you need to create your own Pop arrangements....

£24.95 GBP

Pulsed Records

Pulsed Records Pulsed Records Pulsed Records is a sound design production company, consisting of a unique team that is constantly pushing forward, with an ever growing catalogue. Pulsed Records supply customers with a diverse and wide range of top-notch products, a selection of fresh and inspiring Samples, Loops, Vocals, Construction Kits, MIDI files, VST Soundsets and more. Their sounds are programmed for maximum efficiency, using the highest quality equipment, with the aim to help producers stand out from the crowd!

Pulsed Records Products

Tropical Island
TROPICAL ISLAND ... by Pulsed Records delivers top quality material inspired by this hugely popular genre. Designed and recorded using the best outboard equipment on the market, this pac...
$43.55 USD
Futuristic Complextro Bundle
FUTURISTIC COMPLEXTRO BUNDLE ... by Pulsed Records delivers four best selling products in one immense bundle. Packed full with unique sounds and Construction Kits, this pack comes fully mixed and rea...
$87.10 USD
Next Generation Pop
NEXT GENERATION POP ... from Pulsed Records is a collection of Construction Kits designed for producers that want to appear on labels such as Interscope, Enhanced and more. If you are inspir...
$34.83 USD
Futuristic Drum & Bass Weapons
FUTURISTIC DRUM & BASS WEAPONS ... by Pulsed Records is a hot new product featuring five outstanding Construction Kits, pre-mixed and broken into parts. Recorded using some of the best hardware synthes...
$43.55 USD
Future Garage Vocals
FUTURE GARAGE VOCALS ... from Pulsed Records features five powerful Construction Kits complete with vocals by Gina Ellen. Packed with jackin' Garage House grooves, mesmerising plucks & chords...
$40.34 USD
Future Sound Of Electro Funk
FUTURE SOUND OF ELECTRO FUNK 'Future Sound Of Electro Funk' is a new product from Pulsed Records, delivering the future sound of Electro, Complextro & Pop with a new, funky twist. Suitable for pro...
$34.83 USD
Soulful Vocals: Michael Ashanti
SOULFUL VOCALS: MICHAEL ASHANTI ... from Pulsed Records delivers vocals from Michael Ashanti, a Top 10 MTV/Logo featured recording artist setting new trends as a fresh voice in soulful Dance music. Pack...
$34.96 USD
Future & Bass House Bundle
FUTURE & BASS HOUSE BUNDLE ... by Pulsed Records delivers three unique products in one bundle, packed with sounds and Construction Kits to serve all your Future and Bass House needs. Inside you wil...
$58.28 USD
Pop & Dance Vocals
POP & DANCE VOCALS ... from Pulsed Records delivers five outstanding Construction Kits, packed full with razor sharp super saw leads, warm analogue bass and filtered pads all accompanied by...
$34.96 USD
Analogue Deep House
ANALOGUE DEEP HOUSE ... from Pulsed Records is a top quality collection of extended Construction Kits and MIDI files, designed and recorded using some of the best hardware synths out there. ...
$28.30 USD
Progressive & Trance Bundle
PROGRESSIVE & TRANCE BUNDLE ... by Pulsed Records delivers four amazing products in one huge bundle at a discounted price. Containing 20 extended Construction Kits with tons of sounds suitable for P...
$81.66 USD
Complextro Pop & Dubstep Bundle
COMPLEXTRO POP & DUBSTEP BUNDLE ... by Pulsed Records delivers four top selling products in one huge bundle. Inspired by artists such as Skrillex, Deadmau5, Zedd, Madeon, Seven Lions and more, this cutt...
$108.88 USD
Complextro Hau5 Hits
COMPLEXTRO HAU5 HITS ... from Pulsed Records is a cutting edge collection of extended Construction Kits, inspired by Deadmau5, Seven Lions, Skrillex & more. If you want to shine with distinct...
$32.65 USD
Pulsed: Uplifting Trance Anthems
PULSED: UPLIFTING TRANCE ANTHEMS ... is a top quality product from Pulsed Records. Designed and recorded using some of the most sought after hardware synths, this collection comes pre-mixed and ready to ...
$43.55 USD
Complextro Pop Culture
COMPLEXTRO POP CULTURE ... is an awesome new product from Pulsed Records inspired by artists such as Zedd, Madeon and more. If you want to put your name on labels such as Interscope, Owsla and ...
$43.55 USD
Vocal Bundle 6-In-1
VOCAL BUNDLE 6-IN-1 ... from Pulsed Records is an amazing bundled collection of vocals, multi-tracks, Sylenth1 presets & MIDI files featuring full length processed vocal tracks, all ready to...
$108.88 USD
Pulsed: Tropical House
PULSED: TROPICAL HOUSE ... is a collection of five outstanding Construction Kits and presets from Pulsed Records. Inspired by the sound of this new, fast growing sub genre of House music, this ...
$34.57 USD
Pulsed: Festival EDM
PULSED: FESTIVAL EDM ... is an unbelievable collection of five outstanding Construction Kits from Pulsed Records inspired by the sound of the biggest EDM festivals around the world and design...
$43.55 USD
Pulsed: Future House
PULSED: FUTURE HOUSE ... brings you five superb Construction Kits packed full of percussive synths and plucks, complex chords, bass, drums and so much more. This collection contains all of th...
$29.96 USD
Pulsed: Vocal Bundle
PULSED: VOCAL BUNDLE ... is a huge bundled collection of five cutting-edge products from Pulsed Records. Recorded by professional vocalists in top recording studios in London, these awesome C...
$179.34 USD
Pulsed: Free Vocals
PULSED: FREE VOCALS ... by Pulsed Records delivers awesome vocals to your productions at no cost. These amazing vocals were hand picked from five different Pulsed Records products. Simply ad...
$0.00 USD
Pulsed: Ultimate Dance Vocals
PULSED: ULTIMATE DANCE VOCALS ... features multi-track loops & vocals from London based vocalist & top line writer, MZ. Developed for producers to help them build awesome chart topping tunes, this pac...
$30.73 USD
Hip Hop Cartel
HIP HOP CARTEL ... from Pulsed Records delivers the sound of the criminal underground with five highly addictive Construction Kits inspired by superstars such as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Emi...
$28.30 USD
Monster Club & Dance Bundle
MONSTER CLUB & DANCE BUNDLE ... by Pulsed Records is an immense collection of ten excellent products, delivering outstanding material for your club tunes. Spanning across a wide range of genres, fro...
$256.20 USD
Massive Complextro & Dubstep Bundle
MASSIVE COMPLEXTRO & DUBSTEP BUNDLE ... by Pulsed Records delivers ten unique products in one immense bundle at a discounted price. Containing 48 Construction Kits and more than 200 presets with tons of uni...
$256.20 USD