About 12inchsounds
Pressing up vinyl records was in many ways a labor of love for the DJ and music lover. It was certainly a financial investment to physically master and press up the 12inch format, shipping the records to stores around the globe to be purchased by local and touring DJs, fueling the dance floors of the clubs they played. The music had to go through multiple hands, enduring the rigors of a DJ and distributors tastes to finally make it onto the shelves of a record store to be recommended to you over the counter.  Today much has evolved and that process is almost forgotten excluding a handful of quality boutique record stores around the globe and whilst physical distribution had its charm, history, and legacy for the culture of dance music, we are well and truly settled in the digital age. At 12inchsounds, we acknowledge that journey of careful selection and strive to bring that same level of care and quality to a sample label. Our ears are focused on high-quality original dance floor material, where feel and vibe remain at the forefront of what we do, giving you a head start in your music before you've even hit the studio.  Welcome to 12inchsounds - We’re just getting started!

RAW Tech House Vol 1

    'RAW Tech House Vol 1' by 12inchsounds delivers a set of raw basses that meet tight rolling rhythms, with a healthy...

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