DN Loops creates Construction Kits and sample sound packages for the modern producer and beat maker. Specialising in Hip Hop, Dirty South, RnB and Pop, DN Loops will get that edge over the competition and make your songs hit their hardest.

DN Loops’ production team kills the game with credits having worked with everyone from T-Pain, Xzibit, Nate Dogg to Mariah Carey and from Flo Rida to George Clinton. With a decade of experience with sample sounds and loop libraries and many more years in the professional music production business, DN Loops is a team of veterans, yet they have their fingers right on the pulse of what’s hot now.

Dub Meets Hip Hop

    ... from DN Loops is a blazing new Construction Kit pack which brings you the latest in popular music! With its cat...

    $13.12 USD

    £9.67 GBP

    Dark RnB Grooves

      'Dark RnB Grooves' from DN Loops is a moody collection of five Construction Kits in the style of Drake, Leona Le...

      $16.56 USD

      £12.21 GBP

      Crunk Rock

        'Crunk Rock' is the result when Dirty South meets Rock! This collection of five Rock and Hip Hop infused Constru...

        $16.95 USD

        £12.50 GBP

        Cinematic Elements

          'Cinematic Elements' is an amazing collection of five modern Cinematic Scoring Construction Kits that will add t...

          $16.95 USD

          £12.50 GBP

          Brand Nu R&B

            ... from DN Loops features seven Construction Kits in the style of Drake, J Cole, Chris Brown, and Trey Songz. It r...

            $20.35 USD

            £15.00 GBP

            Urban String Ballads

              ... is a hot new product directly from DN Loops, with big, sweeping string ballads and heavy Urban drums to light u...

              $16.95 USD

              £12.50 GBP

              In The Cut: Trap Edition

                ‘In The Cut: Trap Edition’ is for the producer who wants to have heat on hand. It’s got 1.57 GB of content fo...

                $16.95 USD

                £12.50 GBP