Darker Sounds Sample Packs feature original and unique high quality 24-Bit dark Techno/Minimal samples, created by "Hefty" in a serial killers basement somewhere in London UK. 
Sample Packs Feature:
• Dark Minimal/Techno drum loops 
• Creepy FX from outer space
• Dark horror soundscapes from hell
• Atmospheric FX/synth/melodic loops
• Dark twisted "cut from movie" style vocal samples
• Haunted strings
• Dark industrial atmospherics, short and long!
• Evil machine noises
• One-shot FX from another world
• Serial killer vocals
• A wide range of other dark vocals
• Background atmospherics
• Dark robotic samples
• Cinematic soundscapes
• Bass warps
• Dark Vox FX
• Lots more!
100 Dark - 100% Unique - 100% Royalty-Free