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Ukrainian Ethnic Vocals

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    Apollo Sound

    Ukrainian Ethnic Vocals

    'Ukrainian Ethnic Vocals' is a collection of folk slavic female vocals that you have never heard before. It's really rare, it's super unique, it's extra useful and we are extremely proud to present the first of its kind!

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    Product Information

    'Ukrainian Ethnic Vocals' is a collection of folk slavic female vocals that you have never heard before. It's really rare, it's super unique, it's extra useful and we are extremely proud to present the first of its kind!

    Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe located between Poland and Russia. During the Middle Ages, the area was a key centre of East Slavic culture, with the powerful state of Kievan Rus' forming the basis of Ukrainian identity. That was the time when the songs that we present in this pack begun to emerge in small villages and khutors (farms) as an inseparable part of Ukrainian culture.

    Ukrainian style of singing can be described as something between Gypsy minor scale & Arabian scale. It is similar to the dorian mode, but with a tritone and variable sixth and seventh degrees (for those who understand this obscure and abstruse folly). In simple terms, Ukrainian female folk songs are very gentle and powerful at the same time. It was common to sing the songs in unison (sing-along) that add some unrepeatable magic to singing. As in any other folk songs the main themes were love, nature, weddings, dances etc.

    The pack was performed and recorded by a professional Ukrainian female folk singer Alla Velychko, who has taken part in many Ukrainian folk ensembles and choruses. Her vocal experience and gorgeous voice timbre will grace any of your beats or songs. As well as the sound quality we have achieved with classic vocal microphones and analogue preamps/compressors.

    In the pack you'll find a wide range of female ethnic vocal samples: lead vocals, back vocals, unison vocals & adlibs created in different tempos and keys. You have 5 full song choruses. Besides the vocal loops in each "vocal loops" folder, you'll also find midi chord progressions & demo mixes (tracks) that can help you understand how you can place these vocals in your mixes. It's very easy and useful! For your convenience, besides the DRY vocals, you also get the WET (reverbed) version.

    For those who strive for initial inspiration, we offer 3 stunning Song Starters, fully detailed, mixed and mastered (including Ukrainian vocals, drums, synths & midi files).

    This pack will ideally fit any genre of modern electronic music: Trap, Dubstep, DnB, House, Future Bass, EDM. It does not matter! What's more important is that these vocals will for sure make your song or track really unique & eye-catching (ear-catching in our case). Don't waste your time, get this great pack now!

    Please note: Every sound featured in the audio demo is INCLUDED in this sample pack!

    Product Details:

    • 03 Compositions
    • 03 Song Starters
    • 114 Main Vocal Loops (Dry & Wet)
    • 66 Adlib Vocal Loops (Dry & Wet)
    • 05 Chord Progressions (Midi & Audio)
    • 05 Songs
    • 05 Demo Mixes
    • 24Bit 44.1KHZ

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