... marks the return of one of the most innovative and impactful Urban loop products ever created. Inspired by the ...

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... from Soundkey Labs is compiled of banging, anthem-like Construction Kits to help you on your new projects that ...

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'Epic South Music' from Fox Samples is a hot new product bringing you six blazin' Construction Kits. This top-notch...

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... is inspired by Rakim Mayers, better known by his stage name, ASAP Rocky. Rakim is an American rapper from Harle...

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... from YnK Audio is a hard-hittin' collection of five Dirty South/Trap Construction Kits. This pack includes some...

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... from MVP Loops is a collection of 20 special Construction Kits featuring the new styles that are lighting up ch...

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'Everythin Purple' is a brand new release from Big Boy Audio. This Construction Kit pack is modelled after Rakim Ma...

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... from Pound Audio is here to steal the crown of the 808 beats. This product is inspired by many rappers that use...

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... from Fakulty Studios is spreading across the South like California wildfires. Put the Molly down and take a hit...

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..., well, the name speaks for itself for the third time! The Bangerz series is on fire. Following it's successful ...

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... is truly a unique product brought to you by the professionals at MVP Loops. It contains 10 hard hitting Constru...

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... from Jungle Loops is the latest installment in this amazing, chart-bashing Construction Kit series. This produc...

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Mystic Kingz presents 'We Made it', a collection of five blazin' Dirty South Construction Kits in the style of supe...

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... from Jungle Loops features 15 of the hottest Construction Kits inspired by artists like Chief Keef, Rick Ross, ...

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..., the name speaks for itself, once again! Following it's successful predecessor, this Kit is filled with infecti...

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..., the name speaks for itself! This Kit is filled with infectious pads, pianos, strings and bangin' drums to help...

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... features that sound that you won't forget. You'll find a total of 25 Construction Kits and over 350 unique loop...

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... marks a completely new style of product to be released by NICE. Inside this pack are custom-created sounds gear...

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... is a high octane collection of 20 Dirty South, radio-ready Construction Kits including elements from some of th...

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