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Funk Guitar Riffs

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Funk Guitar Riffs

'Funk Guitar Riffs' by HQO features a weighty collection of original loops for Chill Out, Funk, Dance and Hip Hop producers.

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Product Information

'Funk Guitar Riffs' by HQO features a weighty collection of original loops for Chill Out, Funk, Dance and Hip Hop producers. 

'Funk Guitar Riffs' contains clean, processed, usable audio right out of the bat including live rhythm guitars, funky guitar riffs, palm mutes, plucks, groovy synth bass, guitar FX and lit vocals. You also get a few unique percussion samples featuring forks, mouth-made hi-hats, and authentic layered hand claps. 

Product Details:

• 4 Synth Bass
• 10 Guitar Fx
• 18 Dry Vocals
• 18 Wet Vocals
• 11 Guitar Riffs/Rhythm
• 5 Unique Percs
• Tempo Labelled
• 100% Royalty-Free

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