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Feuerwerk der Gefühle

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    Feuerwerk der Gefühle

    'Feuerwerk der Gefühle' by MAGIX is an upbeat sample pack for fans of German Schlager music!

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    'Feuerwerk der Gefühle' by MAGIX is an upbeat sample pack for fans of German Schlager music!

    Emotional melodies played by tuneful guitars, bells, synths and bright drums and bass together create a lively feel-good Pop rhythm that gets hearts beating. This loop collection is perfect for fans of cheesy Europop. Traditional German genre Schlager has taken the Pop scene in Germany by storm in recent years making its way into festival tent music and party sounds on a grand scale.
    Product Details:
    • 125 BPM
    • 56 Bass Loops (8 Loops In 7 Pitches)
    • 3 Drum Kits With Variations
    • 14 Guitar Loops (2 Loops In 7 Pitches)
    • 49 Keys Loops (7 Loops In 7 Pitches)
    • 49 Pad Loops (7 Loops In 7 Pitches)
    • 49 Sequence Loops (7 Loops In 7 Pitches)
    • 70 Synth Loops (10 Loops In 7 Pitches)
    • 11 Vocals Loops (One Full Song)
    • 100% Royalty-Free

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