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Ice Cold 2: Trap & Hip Hop

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    Origin Sound

    Ice Cold 2: Trap & Hip Hop

    'Ice Cold 2' by Origin Sound is a Trap and Hip Hop sample pack full of crisp loops and thumping hits designed to sharpen your productions.

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    'Ice Cold 2' by Origin Sound is a Trap and Hip Hop sample pack full of crisp loops and thumping hits designed to sharpen your productions. 

    This pack is filled with frosty Trap motifs, eerie melodies, sub zero basses and much more. A perfect match to the dark, bleak, moody nights of winter. 
    Much like its predecessor, 'Ice Cold 2' is an Everest of high quality music samples. Begin your journey by delving into the music loops folder. Full of an eclectic mix of content, the music loops folder contains elements like haunting dissonant analogue leads, nebulous chanting atmospheres, textured lead plucks, creepy woodwind melodies, warped unsettling guitars, thick analogue basses, 808s that pound you deep in the chest, and much more. Inside the music loops folder there is also a Construction Kits folder containing full ideas that combine bass, chords and melodics into an expertly crafted loop. These Construction Kit loops are a great place to discover some inspiration or acquire some new knowledge.
    Continue your exploration through the cold depths of 'Ice Cold 2' and you will discover the biting drum loops and drum hits. These frozen solid hits are blisteringly penetrating, with sharp transients and pulsing bodies with tremendous power. Whether you choose to throw a full beast of a drum loop right into your project, or pick and choose the individual one-shots to sculpt your own creation, the choice is yours. This pack enables ultimate customisation while ensuring maximum efficiency. 
    While in 'Ice Cold 2' the deep core of the library is held together by its music and drum loops, hidden just under the surface are the invaluable SFX and 808 shots. The 808s are hard enough to cause an avalanche and the SFX are malleable and detailed. 
    Get yourself wrapped up and embark on your adventure through 'Ice Cold 2'
    Product Details:
    • 80 Drum Hits
    • 50 Drum Loops
    • 25 Bass Loops
    • 25 Chord Loops
    • 25 Melodic Loops
    • 25 Construction Kit Loops
    • 20 808 One-Shots
    • 20 SFX
    • 100% Royalty-Free

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