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    bitBUMPER deLUXE V2

    BitBUMPER deluxe version 2 for Reason 4 is the long awaited Reason 4 upgrade of Soundcells' popular BitBUMPER deluxe ReFill. An absolute essential for all serious Reason 4 producers.

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    Product Information

    BitBUMPER deluxe V2 for Reason 4 is the long awaited Reason 4 upgrade of Soundcells' popular BitBUMPER deluxe ReFill. An absolute essential for all serious Reason 4 producers.


    It still sounds cool!


    Adventurous, nostalgically warm and noisy at the same time. BitBUMPER deluxe V2 is the ultimate 4 and 8 Bit Pandora Box filled with hundreds of surprises! BitBUMPER deluxe V2 is bigger and even more fun to play with! It features inspiring new sounds with character and Bite. Every original BitBUMPER deluxe patch has been tweaked and these new patches work together better than before. Version 2 adds some cool DS-10 rex loops and many new combinators...


    Thor and the RPG-8 have had a great influence during the upgrading process of the original BitBUMPER. Lots of patches go through Thor's fine stereo filter 3 section and Soundcells added 30 very inspiring "live looping" combinator patches making use of rex files and the RPG-8. Furthermore, they have added lots of Scream 4 patches to help you to "lo-fi" your sound even more. With BitBUMPER deluxe V2 the art of lo-fi has reached a new era!


    BitBUMPER deluxe V2 Features:


    • 360+ (130 (!) new ones since version2) combinators containing keys, pads, basses, lead sounds, FX, drums, bleeps, noises and percs

    • 40 scream patches helping you to lofi your sound

    • 30 RPG-8 rex loop patches, great for live gigs!

    • 400 unique low Bit samples

    • 160 NN-XT patches

    • 126 rexloops

    • Great for music in all styles!


    About the BitBUMPER deluxe V2 sounds:

    Sound designer Harald Karla has been obsessed with low Bit sounds for many years. Karla sampled sounds coming from some amazing sources (see list below). There is a great vocal performance by the 6 years old Merlin and a flute performance by Marcel Ebbers from France. Karla's Rhodes is in there as well... noisy but beautiful! 

    Sampled gear:

    RozzBox One (hardware synthesizer)
    QuadraSID (old SID-Chip emulating softsynth)
    Gameboy 1989 with "littlesounddj" & "nanoloop 1"
    Gameboy Advance SP from 2003 with "nanoloop 2"
    DS Lite from 2006 with "ds electroplankton" and "KORG DS-10"


    About the BitBUMPER deluxe V2 MP3 demos:


    Everything you'll be hearing in the mp3 demos has been entirely done within Reason while making use of nothing else than patches and sounds coming from this ReFill.

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