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Dancehall Madness Vol 1

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    Dancehall Madness Vol 1

    'Dancehall Madness Vol 1' from Ueberschall is a collection in a class all its own. Ripe from the Urban airways easy flowin multi-style Reggaeton-charged Hip Hop sounds so rich and true you won't believe your ears!

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    Product Information

    'Dancehall Madness Vol 1' from Ueberschall is a collection in a class all its own. Ripe from the Urban airways easy flowin multi-style Reggaeton-charged Hip Hop sounds so rich and true you won't believe your ears!

    40 Construction Kits with root accents from Soca, Samba, Bossa, Party, Jamaica, Island, Toots, Miami, Gangsta All-star, Club, and others fused with the newest techniques. Scorching tracks ready to get the scene jumping.

    Where you really want it:

    Distinct synth combinations and production arrangements with a sound quality only Ueberschall can provide. The best of sound bytes chiselled down to fit with unflinching excellence.

    Dense, creatively generated drum shots to match, all given Ueberschall's high-end total care treatment. Wide range of blazing instrument loops, pads, deep bass, buzzy bass, sitar/guitar, hits, vocals, percussion and lots more. This awesome pack is truly blessed by Midas.

    Don't let it get away! Experience Nu skool riddims, Reggaeton and high class Dancehall club bangers.

    The Library is packed with:

    • Drums
    • Guitars
    • Percussions
    • Basses
    • Chords
    • Vocals
    • Sound FX

    'Dancehall Madness Vol 1' is based on the Elastik engine technology and is equipped with everything needed for professional use.

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    Press Reviews

    Computer Music, 2007-06-01

    by Computer Music

    Computer Music, 2007-06-01

    Dancehall Madness
    Computer Music, June 2007

    Dancehall Madness uses Ueberschall's Elastik engine - this can automatically timestretch and pitchshift samples to fit the key and tempo of your project.

    As you might suspect, it's a full-on ragga library that comes complete with bumping beats, rudeboy vocals and plenty of appropriate instrumentation. The samples are all presented in construction kit format, and while it's annoying that you can't use the audio files outside of the player (in particular
    the individual drum sounds - curse you, Ueberschall!), it's good value, easy to use and a worthy investment if you need prefab dancehall sounds.

    Sound&Recording, 2007-04-01

    by Sound & Recording

    Sound&Recording, 2007-04-01

    Dancehall Madness
    Sound & Recording, April 2007

    Dancehall Madness with a jamaican taste, that's what is said on the cover and that's what is inside, made for the Elastik player (the one with the radar screen in the middle).
    On this verbal level move all of the Kreol-English-Phrases that are included in the the 40 Construction Kits. Some were sung, some were rapped. Besides that there are always powerful, better say thundering Drum- and Percussion Grooves. All separated into different layers and mapped on your keyboard. In addition some juicy basslines, a few guitar-riffs and beautiful synthetic leads and arpeggios.
    You shouldn't expect any Dance or Techno in here but electronic grooves with a specific jamaican feeling. Want to say: This is not Reggae, but extrem crunchy and groovy kits that leave a lot of space for your own text and / or sounds.
    Moreover the Elastik player gives you all important tools to take away the inflexible touch of a construction kit.
    Ueberschall accomplished again an authentic sounding library that could be straight out of the professional disco production that this product is made for. (...)
    If you like or need Construction Kits: Listen to this!

    Beat, 2007-03-01

    Dancehall Madness...

    by Beat

    Beat, 2007-03-01

    Dancehall Madness
    Beat, March 2007

    Do you guess the content that hides behind the title of this DVD? Right, a release in manner of Sean Paul & Co.
    "Dancehall Madness" offers you more than forty construction-kits, which allows you to work on this music-style - at least ten more kits than at "Dancehall Vibes".
    A further thick plus: the soundlibrary is delivered within the Elastik-Loop-Player from ueberschall - under an elegant surface the brilliant soundengine allows you highspeed-timestretching and pitch shifting on Mac and PC. All Samples and Loops come with the well-known high quality of ueberschall. Absolute nothing to criticize about this product.

    Music & PC, 2007-02-01


    by Music & PC

    Music & PC, 2007-02-01

    Dancehall Madness
    PC & Musick, 02-2007

    Sounds: This is dancehall at its finest. Groovy Riddims and authentic vocals - it looks as if someone knew what to do when he produced this library, someone who comes from the scene and has fun creating tunes like this.

    Conclusion: Except for some problems with the Elastik-Interface I find this player very sympathic. The circled optic is a little awkward at the beginning but you‘ll get used to it. No other player allows it to choose tempo and pitch of a sample that fast and that easy. And all the sympathc I have for the player is growing with the sounds of this production, that is Dancehall „at its best“.

    Translated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall

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