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Electro Producer Pack 2

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    Electro Producer Pack 2

    'Electro Producer Pack 2' from Ueberschall is the follow up to its well known ancestor. It provides 1.9 GB of full-range Electro Sounds and Samples and of course surrounding styles such as Nu Dance, House, Minimal, Trance, Techno, Dance and Breaks.

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    Product Information

    'Electro Producer Pack 2' from Ueberschall is the follow up to its well known ancestor. It provides 1.9 GB of full-range Electro Sounds and Samples and of course surrounding styles such as Nu Dance, House, Minimal, Trance, Techno, Dance and Breaks.

    These sounds are in high-demand for various professional purposes and the EPP2 content achieves optimum fidelity for this style.


    'Electro Producer Pack 2' is divided into 7 main folders and consists of 3,322 samples in total. Material is grouped into:

    • 1,153 single drum and percussion sounds
    • 138 synth sounds
    • 331 synth loops
    • 355 effect sounds (SFX sounds)
    • 222 vocal samples and loops
    • 346 effect loops which are packed into 56 SFX themes (SFX loops)
    • 777 kick-drum less and percussion loops which are packed into 113 drum less themes


    The 'Electro Producer Pack 2' system of design includes comprehensive organisation and forethought for practicality and ease of use. Elastik instrument access and programming is provided. Below you'll find a detailed description of each of the main components found in 'Electro Producer Pack 2'.

    Drum Single Sounds and Percussion Sounds:

    Tons of grab and go ready, punch-filled and over-the-top kick drums, claps, snare, hi-hats, cymbals and shaker samples. Also Hundreds of high impact global/hybrid percussion single sounds, custom tailored and treated for injection into the club mixing atmosphere.

    Kick-Drum-less Loops and Percussion Loops:

    Every one of the 113 well-stocked Kick-Drum-less themes contains a main mix plus every element broken out. These are altogether 777 loops, which you can mix with each other to create within seconds new unique loops. These loops have a wide reach of diverse styles, such as shaker, percussion, hi-hat loops and even distorted, phased, flanged or crushed drum loops are available. Some loops are mounted with SFX sounds and other effects to make them grab and go ready.

    Synth Sounds:

    The 138 Synth Single Sounds are divided into bass and lead sounds, including types, such as sinus, saw, resonance, sub, noisy and distorted sounds for example. Ueberschall sampled the sounds with lengths of up to 12 sec. All sounds were created with analog synthesizers Moog Voyager, Studio Electronics SE-1, Alesis Andromeda A6, Korg MonoPoly, Oberheim Xpander, Oberheim OBMX.

    Synth Loops:

    Well known from products such as 'Analog Attack', 'Liquid Electro Lines' are the 346 synth loops. Ueberschall fortified each folder with different sound patterns. They can be used as fill in, backing or main melody. Every Synth Loop also includes a set of variations which are different in terms of filter movement, sound and groove.

    SFX Sounds:

    The 355 Sound Effects are split into sweeps, bits and pieces and into a mixed category. All sweeps where polished with additional effects, especially reverbs. The bits and pieces were divided into glitches, noises, crackles, low and high tension sounds. The mixed category includes types, such as atmospheres, hits, lfos, noise sounds, weird effects and so further.

    SFX Loops:

    This folder includes 56 SFX themes. These loops have the same structure as the drum-less loops—a main mix plus every element broken out. Making 346 loops overall for this category, which include different kinds of sound effects, for instance, lfos, sweeps, noisy sounds, glitches, crushed sounds, and many more.


    The 222 Vocal samples are separated into vocal cuts and vocal phrases. Inside the vocal cuts folder you can find short shots from various female and male artists. The vocal phrases folder is made up of several catchy vocoder and talkbox phrases.


    Responsible for this product is Marc Steinmeier. He has worked for Companies like Universal Music, EMI Electrola and Sony/BMG, to name a few. He gave a lot of productions their break in terms of Sound design. This product guarantees a sound that is truly high fidelity.


    • 1.9 GB
    • 3,322 Loops & Single Sounds
    • Elastik Soundbank for Mac/PC/AU/VST RTAS/StandAlone
    • Elastik Player included - no sampler required!

    License Agreement

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    Press Reviews

    Music & PC, 2009-05-01


    by Music & PC

    Music & PC, 2009-05-01

    Electro Producer Pack 2

    Music & PC, 05-2009

    Basics: 6 months after the release of the first part comes the followup for electro producers. That means they had enough material already or it was that successful that they brought the musicians back from their holiday island and chained them to their mixing tools again. Then - in 03/09 - I wrote ”all in all it is a great playground for minimalstic electro producer that allows to create great constructions.“ Nothing has changed about that - part 2 is even better.


    Sounds: As in the last part the material is not seperated in construction kits but in categories such as drum loops and drum sounds, SFX loops and SFX sounds, synth loops and synth sounds and vocals. That makes round about 3300 sounds, half of it is for drums and percussion. The big number of drum loops have a lot of variations, are very powerful produced and almost always in 130 bpm. With the wide range of single shots you can modify the loops even more. Very nice as always - the SFX: Beautiful and strange, processed with a lot of effects and far away from the usual „tchaka-tchaka“ sounds. The synth loops could have been more. At first because there are just a few and second because the compositions are very good and make hunger for more. One musical idea is dressed into many different variations in form of sound and envelope. The single synth sounds are seperated into bass- and leadsounds, all tuned in a; the sound is hiting towards ”fat”. Last but not least, the vocals include ”cuts” (little vocal bits) and just a view but very good produced vocoderlines and talkbox-phrases.

    Conclusions: Part two of the Electro Producer Pack is not a quick followup to the first one but a well-structured and enhanced sequel that works great together with the first part. It‘s a sure shot: those who say EPP1 habe to say EPP2, too.

    translated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall

    Beat, 2009-09-01

    Electro Producer...

    by Beat

    Beat, 2009-09-01

    Electro Producer Pack 2

    Beat, 09-2009

    Electro Producer Pack 2
    Good cows can be milked twice a day but most of the time a sequel of a loop collection can become as thrilling as several and exhausting Star-Wars-Epic. Not this time!
    The second „Electro Producer Pack“ by Ueberschall convinces with its unbelievable present production which is a big advantage for the 1153 drum- and percussionsounds. But also the synth- and effectsounds are very powerful, in addition to the 200 vocalsamples.
    This whole package is wrapped into the Elastik-Player (...)

    Thomas L. Raukamp

    translated by Wenzel Mehnert (ueberschall)

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