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Guitar Ballads

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    Guitar Ballads

    'Guitar Ballads' from Ueberschall is for you whether you're into Pop, R&B or Rock; a nice ballad needs to be found on any album. 'Guitar Ballads' brings you professional and soulfully played song starters and ideas, pre-arranged, allowing you to produce your own chart-ready ballads.

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    'Guitar Ballads' from Ueberschall is for you whether you're into Pop, R&B or Rock; a nice ballad needs to be found on any album. 'Guitar Ballads' brings you professional and soulfully played song starters and ideas, pre-arranged, allowing you to produce your own chart-ready ballads.

    Acoustic and clean electric guitars are the perfect match for commercial Pop ballads. Here, Ueberschall have built ten characterful song layouts based around finest guitar sounds.

    In addition, 'Guitar Ballads' also offers warm overdriven sounds for that rock feeling in ballads and wah-pedal-licks to introduce a touch of black music.

    Summarised, this library is focused on the slow, emotional side of music but still offers stylistic variety. All tracks have been performed by experienced studio musicians using only first-class-gear. This allows fitting the loops and riffs into your song production easily and without any in-depth sound-engineering skills.

    'Guitar Ballads' consists of ten extensive Construction Kits containing a total of 562 loops of instrument licks, riffs and drums. Each Construction Kit is a complete arranged song with a main theme and some added variations.

    The library is clearly structured for target-oriented work, with subfolders for:

    • Intro/outro: intro and outro parts of a song

    • Verse: the main theme of the songs' verses

    • Pre-Chorus: parts to bridge verse and refrain

    • Chorus: the main themes for the refrains

    • C-part: alternate versions of the refrains to create more variety

    For all song parts, individual instrument tracks are available allowing the song to be mixed to your personal vision and ideal integration of your own additional tracks. The drums offer separate tracks for bass drum, snare, hi-hat, cymbals, shaker and tambourine as well as a professionally completed mix for fast use.

    Besides the central acoustic and electric guitars being used, 'Guitar Ballads' also contains recordings of electric bass guitars, organs, synthesizer pads, strings, as well as electric and acoustic pianos.

    All sounds have been carefully optimised sonically using high quality studio tools and supplemented by effects to create a matching atmosphere.  

    'Guitar Ballads' is an equally professional and emotional library suited for music productions as well as for scoring movies and television and advertising clips. Its clear structure ensures a fluent workflow, perfect for productions with a tight schedule.


    Due to its straight-forward structure, Ueberschall's Elastik player is the ideal tool for fast, modern music production. All loop names include notes about the base key and tempo, making fast searches and immediate song-integration possible.

    "élastique pro", the corresponding algorithm by zplane, allows time stretching and changes in pitch with ease and at highest quality. The Construction Kits of all libraries are organised in a way so that the individual elements can be changed quickly any time.

    All instrument loops of a 'Guitar Ballads' kit can be transposed effortlessly to be used in other song kits. Also, all drums of this library can be changed and combined across the whole library.

    The attribute based browser enables fast and selected search across all installed Elastik libraries for loops and elements to be instantly integrated into the current song. By using intuitively accessible functions such as formant, resample, reverse and a multimode filter, Elastik player offers lots of potential for creative use of any loop.


    'Guitar Ballads' has been produced by Marc Steinmeier, who has already worked for companies such as Universal Music, EMI Electrola and Sony/BMG. Many tracks and remixes of well-known artists, such as LL Cool J, Alicia Keys, George Clinton and Eminem thank their final polishing in composition and sound design to him.  


    Peter Jordan – Guitars (Paul Reed Smith Electric Guitars, Lakewood Acoustic Guitars, Engl Amplification, Kemper Profiling Amplifier, Lehle Pedals, D‘Addario Strings), Christian Flohr – Bass, Ole Cramer – Keyboards.

    Detailed Contents:

    • 10 Construction Kits
    • 562 Loops
    • 1.9 GB


    • Pop, ballads
    • Elastik player included – no sampler required!
    • Elastik soundbank for Mac/PC/AU/VST/RTAS/standalone

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