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Ueberschall Complete Bundle

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Ueberschall Complete Bundle

'Ueberschall Complete Bundle' saves you £12,000 and features over 550 GB of content; over 250,000 loops, samples and sound FX, including over 3,300 Construction Kits that span dozens of different musical genres. Featuring 214 individual Elastik libraries, this bundle provides a one-stop musical resource for busy music producers and media composers.

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Product Information

'Ueberschall Complete Bundle' saves you £12,000 and features over 550 GB of content; over 250,000 loops, samples and sound FX, including over 3,300 Construction Kits that span dozens of different musical genres. Featuring 214 individual Elastik libraries, this bundle provides a one-stop musical resource for busy music producers and media composers.

Watch the official trailer for this incredible bundle below:

Since Elastik first appeared, Ueberschall have released over 200 individual Elastik-based titles across their construction kit and instrument libraries series. Now, you can buy an entire collection – over 550GB of sample content – within a single bundle and at an incredible price.
Whatever the musical genre, whether you are looking to build complete musical beds, or looking to create that perfect solo instrument performance, this massive bundle will have you covered. The content of this bundle is equivalent to the content of Ueberschall's 'Complete Construction Kit' and 'Complete Instrument Bundle' added together.
Spans A Comprehensive Range Of Musical Styles:
As ever, all the samples have been captured using the highest quality recording equipment and performances for every instrument were played by top-notch musicians. Both the sounds and the playing will therefore inspire. Elastik's, powerful and efficient workflow will let you get high-quality results quickly, whichever musical style or musical instrument you choose to work with. And, as loops and phrases can be mixed and matched across the individual libraries, this bundle places literally millions of musical combinations at your fingertips.
Elastik 3:
The bundle comes complete with the Elastik 3 sample player for both Windows and macOS with 32/64 bit options and VST, AAX, AU and standalone operation supported. Ueberschall's Elastik provides a powerful and incredibly flexible sample playback engine. It offers sophisticated sample manipulation tools, including pitch and tempo-matching and, new in Elastik 3, ReTune. This allows polyphonic retuning for almost any loop or phrase, making it possible to mix and match loops/phrases from any of the libraries. Your song is in C# minor but your loop in D major? No problem, simply use ReTune to change the scale of your loop! 
How To Download:
All bundles are available online-only but via convenient individual downloads for each library within the bundle and downloads are always available via your Ueberschall account. The 'Complete Ueberschall Bundle' provides a comprehensive resource for producers and composers and delivers unbeatable value for money.
Included Genres:
60s, 70s, 80s, 8 Bit, Ambient, Beat, Big Beat, Blues, Bollywood, Brazil, Breaks, Chillout, Cinematic, Country, Crunk, Dance, Dancehall, Deep House, Disco, Downbeat, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Easy Listening, Electro, Electro House, Folk, Funk, Garage, Hard Techno, Hip Hop, House, IDM, Indie, Jazz, Latin, Lounge, Metal, Minimal, Pop, Punk, RnB, Reggae, Rock, Score Music, Soul, Soundeffects, Surf, Tech House, Techno, Trance, Urban & World.
Included Products:
Blues Guitar, Paranormal Atmospheres, Latin Brasil Beats, The Resource – Lost Tapes, Jazz Trip, LoFi Beats, Trumpet Solos, Saxophone Solos, Ambient Pop, Dark Atmospheres, Electric Guitar Moods, Breaking Beats, Downtempo Beats, African Dance, African House, Beach House, PopArt, Space Guitar, Metal Riffs, Funk Guitar, Steel Pan, Northern Techno, Upright Piano, Funk Up, Synthetic Soundtracks 3, Electro Beats Pop, Sunny Moods 2, Pedal Steel, Wild Chases, Synthetic Soundtracks 2, PopUp, Funky Acoustic Guitar, 80s RnB, Easy Sixties, Synthetic Soundtracks 1, Scoretrax, Chinese Instruments, Twelve String Guitar, Chillstep, Jazz Guitar 2, Ukulele, Sunny Moods, Resonator Guitar, Synth Phunk, Neo Soul, DiscoTape, Cinematic Guitar Loops, Chart Hits 3, Cumbia Digital, Acoustic Lounge, Classical Guitar, 80s Synthwave, Guitar Feedback, Glitch Art, Vocal Dance Hits 2, Metal 2, Guitar Ballads 2, Saxophone 2, Jazz Guitar, Pop Rock, Techno ID, Concert Flute, Jazz Lounge, Trumpet 2, Flugelhorn, Batucada, Relaxed Guitar Grooves, Nightshift 2, Indie Rock 3, Ambient Textures, Uplifting FX, Chillout Lounge 2, Vocal Dance Hits, Indie Pop, Uplifting Trance, Brasil Nova Segundo, Electro House 2, Daytime Tunes, Brasil Nova Primeiro, Wonky Toys, Ambient Noises, Chart Hits 2, Vocal House, Dubtechno, Acoustic Guitar 2, Chillout Lounge, Neurofunk, Trap, Upright Bass, On the Rock, Shred Guitar, Commercial Pop, Solo Guitar, Disco House, Deep Electro House, Acoustic Guitar, Funky Electro House, Tech House Producer Pack, Future Garage, Action Cuts, Rock Classics, Grunge, Deep House Club Sounds Vol 1, Indie Rock 2, Chillout Zone, Drum & Bass Lounge, Beyond Tech House, Reggae Fundamentals 2, Thrash Metal, Guitar Ballads, Rare Grooves Vol 1, Chart Hits, Dubstep Destruction, Low Tuned Strings, Bass Saxophone, 70s Funk Rock, Reggaeton, Future FX, Disco Deluxe, 8 Bit Stylez, Rock Ballads, Nouvelle Discotheque, Blues Colors, Twang, Cinematic Timeshift, Dub Reggae, Country Loops, Chill House, Retro Action Score, Ambient, Tech House Vol 1, Drum & Bass Vol 1, Punk Rock, Chillout Breeze, Late Night Session, Synth Pop, Electro House, Synthlines, Funky Tonewheels, Electrolines, Score FX 2, Score FX, Adlibs, Percussion, Horn Section, Guitar, Electric Bass, Saxophone, Bollywood Pop, Roots Reggae, Dubstep, Funk & Soul, Rock, Urban, House, 60s Psychedelic Rock, Metal, Urban Ballads, Nightshift, Glam Rock, Deephouse, Club RnB, Jazz Colors, Soulful Pop, Indie Rock, Crunk, Ambient Lines, Score Elements, Pop Ballads, Supreme Styles, Urbanic Guitars, Soundscapes, Planet Trance, Sounds Of Berlin, Art of Sound, Urbanic Producer Pack 2, Finest RnB, Electro Producer Pack 2, Pop Music, Studio Works , Urbanic II, Dancehall Madness 2, Electro Producer Pack, Club Electro, Crunkzilla, Trance ID 2, Balkan Lines, Urbanic Producer Pack, Reggae Fundamentals, Analog Attack, Minimal Techno, 80s Punk & New Wave, Analog FX, Urbanic, Sensory Disruption, Astral Electro Flux, AntiGravity Maneuvers, Essentials Of The Order, Hardtechno vs Schranz, Trance ID, Dancehall Madness, Electro ID, Groove Shadow Elastik, 2 Step Garage, Eurodance, Nu Metal, House Musique, Groove Shadows, Drum & Bass ff, Jingle FX, The Resource, Hip Hop Underground, Oriental RnB, 60s a GoGo
Product Details:
• 214 Sample Packs
• 559 GB
• 3,386 Construction Kits
• 261,658 Loops & Phrases
• Elastik Soundbank for Mac/Win - AU/VST/AAX/StandAlone
• Elastik Player included - no sampler required!

How To Download:
Once purchased, you will receive a single serial number. Once registered with Ueberschall, you will have access to the 214 included libraries - there is no need to register each product separately.

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