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Jungle Warfare Vol 2

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Jungle Warfare Vol 2

Zero-G Jungle Warfare Vol 2 is an excellent collection of rip it up aural gifts that I'm sure will be popular all over the world as producers in all sorts of audio sectors figure out just how that curious British "Drum and Bass" stuff actually works.

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Product Information

Zero-G Jungle Warfare Vol 2 is a massive collection of ultra-fast grooves, Construction Kits & samples - lethal dance production weapons in the right hands.


Vol 2 of the world's first and still the best full-blown Drum & Bass sample library is here! If you need the RIGHT material to produce Drum & Bass, the Jungle Warfare collections have to be on your unmissable list.


Includes - Special Drum & Bass loops (ready transformed & cut up), Raw loops for you to transform, Massive drum rolls & mega rhythm fills, Jungle percussion loops and kits of component samples, Intense Jungle pads & chords, Aggressive digital synth pads, Jungle chords and hits, In-yer-face Bass notes, Manic Jungle FX, Nasty vocals.




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Press Reviews

Hurt me, I'm liking this too much....

by Keyboard Magazine, USA

Hurt me, I'm liking this too much. Jungle Warfare is a non-stop feast of aggressive beats, ready for slicing, dicing, splicing, and adding icing. Volumes 2 and 3 of the series cover the same territory; in fact, the two CDs are formatted with exactly the same track layout and even the same number of samples per track. The materials are different, however, so you can buy both with (as far as I could tell from A/B comparisons) no overlap. Each CD has 50 tracks of beats - and a single track is not just a single two-bar loop. Instead, you get 16 bars or more, all of it jam-packed with variations.

Every two-bar phrase offers some new syncopation or turnaround on the beat; there are occasional chopped-up breaks and backward sounds, repeating sixteenths on hi-hat, and so on. The sheer mad variety has to be heard to be believed: Pick a track, snip out a few beats that you like, loop one, and use the others as fills - or grab a longer phrase for more of a manic groove. Most of the drum tracks contain only kick, snare, and hi-hat or ride, but each track gives you new drum sounds (big trashy kicks and sloppy ambience, little tight tappy kick and snare, etc.). A few are spiced up with multiple snares, flammed double hits, metallic bongos, or what-have-you. Tempos run the gamut from 161.5 to 168.5 bpm.

We found plenty of reasons to give Jungle Warfare a Key Buy award. For instance, the production is very solid sonically, with plenty of bottom and consistent levels. My only reservation (it's hardly strong enough to call a complaint, and those with limited sampler RAM or limited audio recorder track count may disagree ) is that most of the samples are monophonic. Once in a while you'll hear a snare echo panned hard left or something of the sort, but most of the mixes are dead center. That's where the kick and snare will end up in any case, but I felt a bit more could have been done to add variety.

"Both CDs have plenty of great loops," associate editor Greg Rule observed, "but Vol. 3 seems the more wicked of the two. With Vol. 2, one had to get pretty deep into the disc before I found the killer stuff. Vol. 3 comes right out swingin'." Each volume is rounded out with 34 additional tracks containing single drum hits, single bass notes, two-bar bass lines, ambiences, stabs, and assorted FX. Most of the bass lines are on fat synths, including some distorted 808 tones playing pitched lines. A few use upright bass, but they're clearly single-note samples that have been sequenced, not actual bass performances.

Aside from the bass lines and the drum tracks, there's nothing resembling complete phrases on Jungle Warfare, just a ton of samples with plenty of character (sirens, synth sweeps, duck calls, distorted electric piano, nature ambiences, echoing machine sounds, organ screams, a little of this and that). What you won't find are cutesy sci-fi and hip-hop vocal samples: These CDs are tightly formatted to give you just what you need for your rhythm tracks. As somebody once said, why get into a war if you're not going to fight to win?

Batten down the hatches it's the second...

by Digital Magazine, Australia

Batten down the hatches it's the second in the series of Jungle Warfare from UK sample CD purveyors Zero-G. Jungle Warfare was programmed, mixed and produced by Danny DeMierre at Flytronix's Intokutt Studio. DeMierre has delivered a bunch of hard hitting loops, drum sounds, bass, pads and FX for use in your next Jungle ditty.

The loops range, or rather don't range in tempo from 161 to 167 BPM. Most of the loops are in mono, though there is the occasional snare or whatever that all of sudden flies to one side. Weird. A couple of variations of the main loop are given, with different fills etc and then at the end, the individual slices of the loop ie kick, snare, tambo, hi hat. Quite a few popular Jungle breaks are used, though they have been cut up in different variations giving them some new life by way of some inventive and clever programming jungle is so renowned for. As mentioned most of the loops are mono and the overall quality is exactly what it should be, not too polished.

Mr DeMierre has applied some liberal compression giving the 50 odd loops a nice punchy sound also making sampling the individual bits that much easier. After the loops is the single hits section which contains some 48 kicks some of which are ye old cardboard stylee taken from loops while the rest are tougher processed electronic kiks from the 909, 808 etc. Next up is 48 snares, no surprises here, tight ringy, metallic and pitched up, occasional with bits of hats and tambos underneath. Following the half a dozen Drum Fills is Drums and Percussion (Crashes, rides, Rev cymbals and a few Latin bits) Basses and Distorted Basses (these are very tweaked out with mad filtering) 24 Bassline phrases with tempo and Key references, short Organ notes and Guitar hits and phrases.

The disc ends on a spacey not with sound FX (synth noises and TV stuff), Ambient, Pads (swooshy filtered Wavestation types) and Strings. DeMierre is a very accomplished programmer and this is reflected nicely in Jungle Warfare, as everything from the Loops to the individual hits are of a uniformly high standard. This disc will suit the accomplished Junglist to the total novice, and if you are off the later, you'll also learn a lot from DeMierre's smart programming.

This is an excellent collection of rip...

by Technologica Magazine, UK

This is an excellent collection of rip it up aural gifts that I'm sure will be popular all over the world as producers in all sorts of audio sectors figure out just how that curious British "Drum and Bass" stuff actually works.

How useful could you get for a producer who's not exactly steeped in inner city British black music breakbeat raggamuffin culture? Across its three discs, Jungle Warfare gives a lot of the game away with a mixture of breaks, individual hits, de riguer sphincter expanding bass files and the required dancehall stylee FX and 'ting.

The emphasis, like the genre, is on breaks and beats and this collection sorts you out with exactly the right kind of kit(s). If you can't get something hard, happening and heavy out of Jungle Warfare (especially volume 3) then it's time to get back to programming that new age clogs and flutes folk track you always dreamed of.

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