Misfit Digital is an incredible production comapany, working hard to bring you the greatest industry quality productions that will give you that billboard hit you deserve.

Misfit Digital has a large collection of loops suitable for Trap, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Dirty South, Rock and much more! These high quality loops will make your projects more effective and put you on the right course to making hits!

Stay tuned for new and upcoming projects that are constantly being released so that you can make your own hit sound.

Trap Religion Vol 2

'Trap Religion Vol 2' is The second installment of this three part series. The return of misfit digital brings you...

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$13.65 USD

£10.20 GBP

Trap Religion Vol 1

... from Misfit Digital is the very first installment of its kind. Made with custom 808s, sharp leads, and ear popp...

Was $19.72 USD

$13.82 USD

£10.32 GBP


Maxx Boom 808's

... from Misfit Digital is one of the most powerful 808 products ever made. All 808's were processed through an SSL...

$15.05 USD

£11.24 GBP

Exotic Trap Vol 1

... from Misfit Digital is the new wave of Trap music. Filled with deep brass, majestic arps, back-breaking drums,...

Was $19.63 USD

$13.74 USD

£10.26 GBP

OVO Love Vol 3

... from Misfit Digital is the third installment of this extremly successful Construction Kit series. Made in the s...

Was $18.39 USD

$12.88 USD

£9.62 GBP

No Flex Zone

... from Misfit Digital brings you the new sound of the South. These Construction Kits are made in the styles of ne...

Was $19.73 USD

$13.82 USD

£10.32 GBP

Drizzy Vs Weezy Vol 1

... from Misfit Digital is the next wave in the Construction Kit game. Inspired by the likes of Drake, Lil Wayne, T...

Was $20.59 USD

$14.42 USD

£10.77 GBP

Seen It All Vol 1

... from Misfit Digital is here to take the Trap & Dirty South crown, inspired by multi-platinum recording artists...

Was $20.62 USD

$14.43 USD

£10.78 GBP

Contraband Trap Vol 1

... from Misfit Digital is a new series, here to take the crown as Trap King. You'll find five trunk-banging Constr...

Was $19.51 USD

$13.65 USD

£10.20 GBP

808 Mafia: All 808s

'808 Mafia: All 808's' from Misfit Digital is a brand new series that delivers pure boom to your tracks. You'll fin...

Was $13.67 USD

$9.57 USD

£7.15 GBP

OVO Love Vol 2

... from Misfit Digital is the second installment of this highly successful series. This product contains cutting-e...

Was $19.25 USD

$13.48 USD

£10.07 GBP

Trap Junkies 3

'Trap Junkies Vol 3' From Misfit Digital is the third & final installment of this series. Filled with cutting brass...

Was $19.61 USD

$13.74 USD

£10.26 GBP

Honest Trap Vol 1

... From Misfit Digital is an all new series dedicated to the New Atlanta. This pack was inspired by the likes of F...

Was $19.52 USD

$13.65 USD

£10.20 GBP

Trap-A-Velli Vol 2

... is the second installment to the highly successful first volume. This product is the reincarnation of Trap, ins...

Was $19.36 USD

$13.56 USD

£10.13 GBP

No Sleep Vol 2

... from Misfit Digital is the second instalment in this three part series of Construction Kit products featuring c...

Was $19.51 USD

$13.65 USD

£10.20 GBP

Stack Muzic Vol 1

... is a brand new series of Dirty South Construction Kits inspired by the biggest names in the scene and utilizing...

Was $19.80 USD

$13.87 USD

£10.36 GBP

OVO Love

... from Misfit Digital is filled with sexy pads, artistic leads, crisp claps, and punchy drums. This pack is this...

Was $19.52 USD

$13.65 USD

£10.20 GBP

High Definition Drums

... from Misfit Digital is way more than just a drum kit. This pack was processed on the best of equipment to give...

Was $12.82 USD

$8.98 USD

£6.71 GBP