'Revolvr: Trap & Future Bass Beats' contains 11 Trap & Future Bass beat Construction Kits produced by Revolvr himself and delivered to you by Production Master.

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'French Complextro House’ is a hot new product from Audio Masters, featuring a selection of the...

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'80s Synth Pop' delivers classic synth sounds and textures from classic '80s hardware synths to a...

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... provides the rich and lush sound of a full classical orchestra without having to master several classical instruments or hire a full orchestra for your next track.

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'Kryptic Piano Chops: Vinyl' kicks off this new series of cutting-edge Hip Hop packs, featuring five...

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'Future Sound Of RnB' by Audio Masters delivers a collection of heavenly chords, pumping analogue...

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'Wait It's a Trap: EDM' is a colossal product by Looptroniks. Full of the latest Trap EDM sounds ins...

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... is the latest awe-inspiring release from Kryptic. With versatile sounds, ranging from seductive ...

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... is a brand new street inspired mega-hit from the beat killers at CG3 Audio. Five real street hit...

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... is the definition of being number one in the Urban/Street sample game. These five uncontrollable...

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... is the new explosive series from TheHitSound bound to bring incredible RnB sounds for your libra...

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... from Loopoholics comes with everything you need to take your tracks to a higher level. Create yo...

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... is the major comeback release of The Hit Sound. This speaker busting sample pack contains five C...

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'The Life Of Paul Loops' includes modern Rap and Hip Hop sounds inspired by Kanye West, ready to ...

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... is a hot new product from Pulsed Records delivering an unique collection of Construction Kits, l...

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