Planet Samples it's a brand new sample label. The label was created in 2012. From this label you can expect vocal packs from known E.D.M singer, Pop sample packs and packs covering all the Dance music genres.

Slap House Vocals

... by Planet Samples delivers five Construction Kits including acapella vocals for the Slap House genre....

Price $33.99 USD

£24.96 GBP

Pop Vocals

Longing to be at the forefront of popular music? Get ready to stand out with these acapella vocals that encompass t...

Price $27.23 USD

£20.00 GBP

Pop Songwriting Vol 1

Planet Samples ... is the first series of their new songwriting sample pack. This sample pack is for producers who...

Price $28.31 USD

£20.79 GBP

Indian Lead Vocals

... includes a selection of acapella lead vocals from a professional female Indian vocalist. If you are looking for...

Price $27.23 USD

£20.00 GBP

Lo-Fi Dreams

... sample pack by Planet Samples brings Lo-Fi samples to help you to produce modern Lo-Fi Hip-Hop. This sample pac...

Price $21.56 USD

£15.83 GBP

Trance Vocals Bundle

... from Planet Samples is a pack featuring 15 female vocal Construction Kits ready to be used on your next Trance...

Price $88.51 USD

£65.00 GBP

Emotional Trance Vocals

... from Planet Samples includes five vocal Construction Kits. Each Kit contains the Dry, Wet, and Adlibs Vocals re...

Price $30.64 USD

£22.50 GBP

Bass House Vocals Vol 2

... sample pack is here to take your Bass House tracks to a high professional level. Whether your track needs a voc...

Price $24.96 USD

£18.33 GBP

Bass House Vocals

... is here to help you take your Bass House productions to the next level. Whether your track is lacking that voca...

Price $24.96 USD

£18.33 GBP

Trance Vocals Vol 3

A well-built Trance vocal track is always a pleasure to hear. Add the perfect vocal and you'll be sent to heaven! P...

Price $29.50 USD

£21.66 GBP

Indian Ad-Libs Vocals

Spice up your music tracks with Indian female vocals. Totally original and professional, these ad-libs vocals are s...

Price $22.69 USD

£16.66 GBP

Tropical Pop Vocals

... from Planet Samples is a Royalty-Free vocal sample pack featuring vocals that are ready to drag and drop in to...

Price $29.50 USD

£21.66 GBP

Trance Vocals Vol 2

Planet Samples ... includes five Vocal Construction Kits ready for you to release your next Trance hit! Each Kit co...

Price $29.50 USD

£21.66 GBP

Trance Vocals

... from Planet Samples includes five Construction Kits ready for you to release your next Trance hit! Each Kit con...

Price $29.50 USD

£21.66 GBP

Reggaeton Vocals

... by Planet Samples was inspired by the hottest names in Reggaeton such as Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Maluma, Beck...

Price $22.69 USD

£16.66 GBP

#1 Pop Vocals Bundle Pack

Planet Samples returns with a vocal bundle pack dedicated to Pop music. Inside you will find 15 Construction Kits r...

Price $62.41 USD

£45.83 GBP

Acapella Song Vocals

... by Planet Samples contains three vocal kits with female vocals supplied as dry, wet, backing vocals, as well as...

Price $30.58 USD

£22.46 GBP

Acapella Vocals Bundle

Planet Samples ... features four of their bestselling acapella vocal packs. Use the content of this sample pack Roy...

Price $158.87 USD

£116.67 GBP

Radio Hits Vocals

Planet Samples returns with a vocal pack dedicated to Pop modern radio hits. Inside you will find 5 Construction Ki...

Price $20.37 USD

£14.96 GBP

Melodic Pop Vocals

If you are looking for melodic vocals to use for your upcoming track, then you have discovered the right vocal pack...

Price $18.10 USD

£13.29 GBP

EDM Kits & Vocals

... is the brand new sample pack from Planet Samples. In it you will find five complete Kits with EDM sounds and ac...

Price $26.09 USD

£19.16 GBP

Future Pop & Vocals

... is the embodiment of Future Pop and is guaranteed to hit the mainstream airwaves. This is a pack full of the fr...

Price $30.63 USD

£22.49 GBP