Royalty Free Audio  is one of the leading American production companies producing professional sample packs and Construction Kits, specializing in Live Guitar, Live Horns, Hip Hop, TrapSoul, Trap, and RnB, offering a wide range of diversity of genre. With many radio and club chart hits under their belt, and three top recording studios for recording, mixing and mastering, RFA aims to provide music producers and beat makers with the highest quality of samples and loops possible.

Divine: Guitar Hip Hop

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... by Big Citi Loops is loaded with live acoustic guitar, live electric guitars, soulful keys, flawless flutes, Lo...

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£15.98 GBP

GOLD: Pseudo Series

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'Pseudo Gold' by Royalty Free Audio brings the sound of Hip Hop in its rarest form, featuring live Brasses, soulful...

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Souled Out

  • 20% off

... by Royalty Free Audio contains a set of real Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, ambient Pads, soulful Melodies...

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£12.65 GBP

Souled Outt 2

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... by Royalty Free Audio includes a set of soulful Progressions, Melodies, atmospheric Sound Design, stirring Vox...

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The Karter$

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... by Royalty Free Audio is full of catchy melodies and chord progressions, riffing overheads and hi-hats, rhythmi...

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... by Royalty Free Audio features atmospheric pads, hit-making melodies and chord progressions, punchy kicks, grou...

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'Invasion' by RFA is a pack inspired by the sound of Future, Kodak Black, Nas, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake and ma...

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Royalty Free Audio Souled Out

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'Souled Outt' by RFA is produced with soulful progressions and melodies, atmospheric sound designs, soulish vox sho...

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