Soundkey Labs, LLC. is a fresh, new independent production company specializing in production loops and sound kits. We offer industry quality music production services to the aspiring artists and producers and connect them with ways to brand themselves within the entertainment industry.

Soundkey Labs has locations in the Chicagoland areas and Atlanta, GA. With over a combined 20 years of experience, all of our producers and engineers have had success with major placements and Grammy nominations. Some other services Soundkey Labs offer are professional brand development, graphic design, website development, music production and printing.

'Hip Hop Glory' is back!. Soundkey Labs brings you five classic sounding Hip Hop Construction Kits, again! This Kit...

Was $10.14 USD

$6.08 USD

£4.58 GBP

... from Soundkey Labs takes you to, well, you know (The Next Level). Prepare yourself as this Kit is guaranteed to...

Was $17.50 USD

$10.51 USD

£7.92 GBP

... from Soundkey Labs brings you five classic sounding Hip Hop Construction Kits. These Kits are packed with big d...

Was $11.98 USD

$7.19 USD

£5.42 GBP

..., well, the name speaks for itself! ... contains all three Bangerz Kits in one fire-ready Kit. This collection i...

Was $24.88 USD

$14.93 USD

£11.25 GBP

... from Soundkey Labs is compiled of banging, anthem-like Construction Kits to help you on your new projects that...

Was $11.13 USD

$6.68 USD

£5.03 GBP

..., well, the name speaks for itself for the third time! The Bangerz series is on fire. Following it's successful...

Was $11.98 USD

$7.19 USD

£5.42 GBP

... from Soundkey Labs combines video game sounds with Pop drums and synths that will give you the ability to creat...

Was $11.05 USD

$6.64 USD

£5.00 GBP

..., the name speaks for itself, once again! Following it's successful predecessor, this Kit is filled with infecti...

Was $12.29 USD

$7.38 USD

£5.56 GBP

..., the name speaks for itself! This Kit is filled with infectious pads, pianos, strings and bangin' drums to help...

Was $13.36 USD

$8.02 USD

£6.04 GBP

... is an amazingly produced Construction Kits pack that gives you the power to create industry quality bangers lik...

Was $13.44 USD

$8.07 USD

£6.08 GBP