Sounds And Effects sound designers go back to nearly the beginning of sampling, and were involved with creating sound libraries for the samplers E-Mu Systems produced from the Emulator III, then the Emulator IV series, to the current soft synth Emulator X.

On the sound module side, Sounds And Effects worked on most of E-Mu's hardware synths including the Proteus MPS, Vintage Keys, Proteus 2000 series, Audity 2000, Xtreme Lead. MP-6 drum machine,  and crated many of the Morpheus' morphing "z- plane" filters.

Other clients include Roland, ABC-TV, Island Records/Adam Clayton Larry Mullin's: 'The Theme From Mission:I mpossible".

    ... from Sounds and Effects, is a virtual instrument sound library dedicated towards bringing the rhythmic and lead...

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        ... from Sounds And Effects includes native clay flutes and ocarinas of the Americas, played so that it’s easy to...

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