Soundtrack Loops produces royalty-free loops for you to use freely in your iMovies and other multi-media compositions. Soundtrack loops are designed specifically for use in Apple Soundtrack, Garageband, Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Recycle, Reason, Stylus, Beatmaker and Sony's Acid.   Each file is saved in .AIFF, .WAV, .BMKZ and .RX2 format. Optimized with maximum search-able meta data, such as Guitars, Synths, Drums, Winds, Processed, Distorted, Clean, ect. Choose from thousands of loops to create your own sounds, songs, themes, YouTube soundtracks, or podcasts.   Create video game sound effects, make DVD menus, websites or add music to your home movies. Each and every loop is guaranteed to be a hit. A lot of time has gone into these sounds to assure the best quality and ease of use. All Loops are cross platform and work on both PC and Macs.
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Soundtrack Loops presents 'Power House', the pumped-up House and Techno warehouse beats that will detonate all rave...

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Knight up and revel in the hoof-pounding excitement of battle! Wander, not lost, through still and dewy forests. Dr...

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... is an smooth, progressive and melodic EDM toolkit of five invigorating Construction Kits. Dive right into EDM t...

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Grab that old flannel and your ripped jeans because Soundtrack Loops are bringing you back to the Alternative music...

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Create, mix, remix and play! 'Future House Tracks' is a massive bundle of Future House loops, one-shots, drum kits,...

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... is a funky fresh take on House music inspired by indie dance music old and new. From funky wah wah bass guitar...

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... is here!, a long awaited sequel to one of Soundtrack Loops greatest and best selling royalty-free sound packs "Jazzy Chillout".

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... is a masterpiece of all sounds for Future R&B. This romantic set of smooth R&B loops consists of five Construct...

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Welcome to the party! Allow us to pour you a glass and introduce you to 'Dope Beats', your next Hip Hop muse. Make...

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Awee Freak Out!. It's here, the best basses and guitar loops from the golden era of Disco you'll ever need. Live re...

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Soundtrack Loops star producer, John Hobart, has snapped to it again with 'R&B Night Moves', another mind-bending s...

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Introducing a never before heard release from L.A. RIOT (the original sampled disc company) for Soundtrack Loops. T...

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Welcome to the hardest, most driven, stadium-shaking sound of Arena Rock! This Nu-Metal collection will pound your...

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Just light up the live-recorded drum loops on Oxy-Beats and listen as they add heat and style to otherwise dull kic...

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... is a meticulously designed set of loops and off-leash samples needed to produce weighty Bass music, Drum n Bass...

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Bang your coconuts together because Soundtrack Loops is proud to serve up 'Island Party Tools'. Sink your toes in t...

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... features pristine 24-Bit/44.1kHz authentic live drum grooves performed by drummer Hari Ganglberger and recorded...

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... by Soundtrack Loops is the perfect tool for creating authentic Jazz compositions. Hip Hop producers have sample...

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Soothe your entire mind, body, and soul with the new but ancient 'Meditative Chillout' from the Synth Sounds of Mon...

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Blow up the Main Room with these explosive melodies for EDM. If you are looking to evoke the common sounds of Eric...

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Light a few candles, pour a little wine, and get in the mood with the latest release from Soundtrack Loops. 'In The...

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... is an ever-evolving set of sounds and MIDI files for producing the analogue synth-driven electro side of House...

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