'Mastering: Trap' is continuation of W.A. Production's long awaited mastering series containing courses loaded w...

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... from Function Loops Academy delivers a basic mastering course for electronic music producers. Tired of waiting ...

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... blurs the boundaries between electronic genres and is a journey into the exciting post-dubstep mash up of the h...

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... means consulars from all over the world have united to create this amazing sample collection, full of inspirati...

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'Pro Secrets and Tricks' from Function Loops Academy delivers an in-depth electronic music production course about ...

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... contains absolutely everything needed for modern producers, from high quality WAV samples, vocals, patches, tem...

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... means Singomakers are back with a new amazing Ultra Pack release. Now it's time for some Drum & Bass domination...

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... a nuclear fusion of Wobble House, Power House, Classic House and Future House. This new ultra pack series from ...

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