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EZ Rollers: Drum & Bass Producer Pack

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EZ Rollers: Drum & Bass Producer Pack

One of the UK's premiere D'n'B production teams has finally made a sample library, and it rocks. Drop this bomb in your tunes and watch it blast your productions into hyperspace.

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Product Information

When it comes to Drum'n'Bass The EZ Rollers need no introduction. One of the UK's premiere D'n'B production teams has finally made a sample library, and it rocks.


This is probably the most happening selection of Drum & Bass samples on the planet from one of the world's best Drum & Bass production teams. A killer collection of the freshest beats, basses, pads, synths, FX, vocals and general weirdness.


This download version includes ACIDized WAV files, and REX2 files. Drop this bomb in your tunes and watch it blast your productions into hyperspace.


These sounds have enough energy to make even the hardest productions sound even heavier with basses so rough you will start wondering about the reliability of your speakers.

This is hardcore Drum & Bass at its finest. Rough, gritty, hard and heavy.


Download includes:


• 695 ACIDized WAV files.
• 189 REX2 files


Featured Sounds:


• Beats

• Percussion Loops

• Basses

• Pads

• Delays

• Drum Hits

• FX

• Guitars

• Sci-Fi

• Stabs

• Vox FX

• and more...


About the EZ ROLLERS:

Alex Banks and Jay Hurren go way back. From distinctly different starting points Jay Hurren and Alex Banks' ideas about the music scene gradually converged (Jay was into hip-hop and DJ-ing, while Alex was more inclined to listen to soul & rare-groove).


Having discovered a mutual passion for music they turned their hands to production. Their musical diversity helped to fuel one of the most creative and successful partnerships within the drum & bass scene.

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Press Reviews

They are one of the most successful drum...

by iDJ magazine, UK

They are one of the most successful drum & bas acts of all time, but does the EZ Rollers Drum & Bass Producer Pack match the quality of their recorded output? Read on and find out. In the world of drum & bass the EZ Rollers are something of an institution, with countless singles and a cluster of classic albums under their belts for labels including Moving Shadow and their own Intercom Recordings. Now, contrary to the oft accurate perception of the drum & bass producer closely guarding their production secrets, Jay and Alex have always been open about their studio techniques and happily upload samples to their own website and those like Drum & Bass Arena to assist and encourage other producers .With that in mind it’s no big surprise to hear that they have produced a sample library, although what is surprising is that it’s taken them this long to put one together. However, the wait has most certainly been worth it for the sheer quality and flexibility of the material on EZ Rollers Drum & Bass Producer Pack is high. The library is a single multi-format disc containing 200 REX2 files, ACIDized WAV files, a Reason Refill, plus 350 instruments for the EXS24, HALion, Kontakt and NN-XT samplers, so there’s something here for producers on every platform. The range of material is excellent too, naturally taking in a wealth of drums and basses, which producers of any level of experience will be stoked by, but on top of all this there is a stunning selection of synths, sounds and effects. These covering a broad base, taking in the jazz funk juice you might rightly expect from the Rollers, through to the more contemporary grime styles and experimental sci-fi and industrial sounds. Add a sprinkling of vocal effects and delay riffs and you have a sample library that will keep the drum & bass heads happy and a whole lot more besides. A spanking drum & bass sample disc, flexible enough for use in other styles.

Rated: 5/5

This library is split into three main...

by Sound On Sound Magazine, UK

This library is split into three main elements: approximately 150 drum breaks, some 50 percussion loops, and 350 instruments. Given the 'Drum & Bass Producer Pack' subtitle, the drum and percussion loops are suitably speedy — original tempos are mostly in the 160-175bpm range — and nice and busy. The breaks are split into a number of helpfully named folders. For example, the Classics folder features a small number of 'bread and butter' drum breaks, while the names of the Rough Enough and Slightly More Polite folders speak for themselves. My particular favourites were within the Heavy category — lots of squashy kick drum and some suitably crunchy processing really did get my monitor cones moving!

Throughout, the processing is nicely done, with plenty of variety from clean, 'in your face' loops through to those with a good dose of added ambience. While the quality was excellent, the only downside was that I was left wanting more! The same applies to the smaller number of percussion loops. These mainly consist of hi-hat, shaker, ride, bongo, and a small number of fills, and they can be useful to add a layer of sizzle to one of the breaks as required.

As might be expected in a library aimed at drum & bass producers, the instruments collection is pretty much devoid of any conventional instruments. Instead what we get is a varied collection of weird and wonderful bleeps, bloops, and buzzes — with a smattering of drum hits, stabs, and heavily processed vocal snaps thrown in for good measure. In the Refill, these are all available as NNXT patches and are organised into a large number of categories. As well as the more usual basses, pads, and drum hits, they include FX, Cosmic Pads, and Tek Sounds. There are plenty of choices within the bass sounds, from big and fat through to thin and fizzy. The contents of the Vox FX and Stabs categories were also good, although it would have been even better if there had been more of them!

Drum & bass is a pretty specialised musical genre and tracks are generally built upon a foundation of (often very busy) drum loops and a fairly minimal arrangement of other sounds. This library contains all the essential elements required to build complete instrumental tracks in this style. Some of the loops and sounds here do follow a fairly well-trodden path, but there would be more than enough to appeal to budding drum & bass producers. I've no criticisms of the quality of the material here but, at this UK price point, I think the quantity of material has suffered from the provision of so many different formats. That said, it's totally understandable from the perspective of the manufacturers — multiple formats cost more to produce — and those who want maximum flexibility may well consider this a sensible compromise.

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