Big Citi Loops is a strong company with a unique team that has made an impact on the Sample Pack business in a very short amount of time. Their goal is to continue to give their customers a good selection of music genres to choose from. Some of their producers have worked with the biggest names in music, including Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, Twisted Black, Omarion, Erykah Badu, Marc Anthony, GS Boyz, Ne-Yo, Omarion, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Dr. Dre, Kirk Franklin, Wayman Tisdale, and many others.

Covering a multitude of genres, Big Citi Loops constantly push forward with an ever growing catalogue of Dirty South, Hip Hop, RnB, Urban, Rock, Pop, Gospel, Jazz, and Electronic titles, so keep checking frequently at to find the latest Big Citi Loops releases. Products are usually added 2-3 times per week.

'Royalty Free Record Samples 5' is perfect if you are looking for Royalty-Free vinyl sounds then this is the pack for you. Please note that these Kits have no drums.

Was £15.65 GBP

£12.52 GBP

(Approx. $18.29 USD)

... from Big Citi Loops is glad to present a Construction Kit pack that gives you those creative Hip Hop, EDM and Trap beats that will blow you off your feet.

Was £11.48 GBP

£9.18 GBP

(Approx. $13.41 USD)

'Mr ASAP 808' is here with that incredible ASAP Hip Hop sound. These Kits are inspired by ASAP Mo...

Was £7.99 GBP

£6.39 GBP

(Approx. $9.33 USD)

... is back again with the second installment from Big Citi Loops. This product has all the Soul and...

Was £14.24 GBP

£11.39 GBP

(Approx. $16.64 USD)

... includes Royalty-Free vinyl samples that have been chopped up and created from scratch to give y...

Was £12.49 GBP

£9.99 GBP

(Approx. $14.59 USD)

... by Big Citi Loops is here again to take your Urban Gospel game to the next level. Big Citi Loops...

Was £14.87 GBP

£11.89 GBP

(Approx. $17.37 USD)

... is here again with its third installment of Gospel sample packs taking you straight to church wi...

Was £21.48 GBP

£17.18 GBP

(Approx. $25.10 USD)

... is here with its second installment from Big Citi Loops who bring you five Construction Kits ful...

Was £10.49 GBP

£8.39 GBP

(Approx. $12.26 USD)

... takes you straight to church with its second installment of contemporary and traditional Gospel-...

Was £21.48 GBP

£17.18 GBP

(Approx. $25.10 USD)

... from Big Citi Loops brings you five Construction Kits full of energy. These Kits come complete w...

Was £10.49 GBP

£8.39 GBP

(Approx. $12.26 USD)

... is rockin' with them 30s that will set you on fire. This product has that radio and trap swag ro...

Was £6.12 GBP

£4.89 GBP

(Approx. $7.14 USD)

... is an incredible set of five Construction Kits influenced by artists and producers such as Georg...

Was £11.18 GBP

£8.95 GBP

(Approx. $13.07 USD)

... brings you the true sound of RnB, with Old School sine waves mixed with the vibe of new-school R...

Was £11.74 GBP

£9.39 GBP

(Approx. $13.72 USD)

... is the latest installment in this incredible Urban series from Big Citi Loops. This volume bring...

Was £11.74 GBP

£9.39 GBP

(Approx. $13.72 USD)

... from Big Citi Loops is a must-have product to take your Urban Gospel game to the next level. Big...

Was £13.62 GBP

£10.89 GBP

(Approx. $15.91 USD)