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... is the latest iteration of this immensely successful series of despairingly dark Construction Kits from Produce...

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... from Kryptic Samples kicks off this soulful laid-easy going Lo-Fi Hip Hop series loaded with lustfully handcraf...

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... marks the triumphant return of this epic, silver screen-esque series of Construction Kits from Producer Loops....

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... by Epic Stock Media provides you with fat-sounding kicks, crunchy and gritty hats, and snares that sound like y...

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    Bunker 8 is back with 'Symphonic Hip Hop 5', this is the series that founded the bombastic, orchestra driven urban...

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    'Broken: Lo-Fi Beat Kit' brings to the table an arsenal of samples to help any producer create a Lo-Fi Hip Hop trac...

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    ... lets you sample an epic movie soundtrack without potential copyright issues. With a team of professional musici...

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      ... from Industrial Strength Samples returns with a serious collection for Hip Hop producers looking for the darkne...

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      ... from Equinox Sounds is the ninth installment in this popular series of five emotional Trap Construction Kits fo...

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        ... from Patchbanks is an original drumless sample collection containing a select playlist of musical performances,...

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        ... is a collection of enigmatic Hip Hop grooves featuring five Construction Kits. The vibe of tape saturated drums...

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        ... from Kryptic is the second installment of this block-busting series of deep, melancholic and brooding Construct...

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        ... from Equinox Sounds is the eighth installment in this popular series of five emotional Trap Construction Kits f...

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          ... delivers a fresh batch of organic goodness with this jam-packed library of raw, punchy beats & rustic, tape-dre...

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          ... by 2Deep brings you a twist of five old school Hip Hop Construction Kits mixed with the darkest new school soun...

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