... brings together elements of classic glitch sounds, IDM, Electronica, Dubstep and Urban along wit...

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... is a breath of fresh air. Everyone today has the same drum kit libraries as they are derived fro...

£56.83 GBP

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'Guitar Ballads 2' is packed with guitar based inspiration upon which you can build your next chart friendly, mid to slow tempo ballad track.

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... is another dynamite production pack from Industrial Strength Samples. ISR went in the studio and...

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..., as with other titles in the Elastik Instrument Series, brings you a collection of exquisite sol...

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... delivers 10 huge Construction Kits of perfectly-crafted Modern Pop Rock chart hits. Just get cre...

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... from Ueberschall is the brainchild of Berlin-based producer, DJ and Ueberschall regular, Asem Sh...

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... from Ueberschall brings you 11 complete Construction Kits that will always strike the perfect mo...

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... is perfect if you need some classy solo trumpet lines. Featuring the virtuoso playing of Gary Wi...

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