Emotional Piano 6

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'Emotional Piano Themes 6' is an amazing collection of Cinematic samples inspired by hypnotic music from such TV sh...

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Designer Drums

    ... is the ultimate collection of loops, one-shots, fills & FX for the beat connoisseur. These vintage style drums...

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    African Guitars Vol 1

      ... features the crisp, upbeat tones of African style electric guitars reminiscent of Mbira and Soukous styles....

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      Raw Funk

        ... is an analogue-heavy collection of live recorded instruments and precision-crafted drums, keys & synths from th...

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        Jazz & Lounge Horns

          ... from Organic Loops have lined up two of the best session guys around for the next in this Jazz & Lounge series....

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          Killer House & EDM Drums Vol 2

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          ... from Producer Loops continues this must-have series of expertly-mixed drum loops and one-shots, bringing you 25...

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          Dramatic Pianos Vol 3

            ... features 25 smooth, chilled and hypnotic piano sounds with Cinematic flavours. These piano melodies will touch...

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            European Pop Vocals Vol 3

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            ... gives you direct access to a captivating vocalist and the techniques, tricks & sound design skills of a profess...

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            Dope Dubs

              ... is a Dub wise selection of collection of rock-steady live instruments, soulful beats, swung percussion and the...

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              Magic Pop Drums

              • 60% off

              ... was played by a professional drum player on different types of drums with attention to details, nice grooves an...

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              Chillout Guitars

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              'Chillout Guitars Vol 1' brings you a versatile selection of ambient, blissed out guitar phrases including arpeggio...

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              Hot Guitars Bundle

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              'Hot Guitars Bundle' from Blackwood samples is a three in one bundle of acoustic Guitar samples ready to spice u...

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                ... is the definitive collection of sounds from this unique percussion instrument, suitable for your musical produc...

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                Pop Electric Keys

                  ... by Mango Loops brings you 64 electric keys accompaniment loops which can be used in Pop, Rock, Funk, RnB, Hip H...

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