... by Loopersound is a powerful selection of key and tempo labelled 235 sax loops.

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... from Blackwood Samples is a new collection of inspiring guitar samples, provided Royalty-Free for you to use in your productions.

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... from Producer Loops continues this must-have series of expertly-mixed drum loops and one-shots, bringing you 25...

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... from Blackwood Samples includes a great collection of previously released acoustic guitar products with plenty of samples to work with.

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... gives you direct access to a captivating vocalist and the techniques, tricks & sound design skills of a profess...

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Looking for some quirky percussive loops for your next track? Layered Percussion Vol 1 features 102 crisp and chirp...

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... from Blackwood Samples is a new collection of fresh guitar samples. You will find guitar loops played by real g...

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'Chillout Guitars Vol 1' brings you a versatile selection of ambient, blissed out guitar phrases including arpeggio...

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'Chris Hein: Solo Cello' is simply one of the best virtual Cello sample libraries ever created. This pack outshi...

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... from Blackwood Samples is a huge collection of acoustic guitar sounds and vocals. You will find guitar loops an...

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... features 260 sublime sax loops for Deep House and Chilled Electronica. The collection is divided into expertly ...

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... from Blackwood Samples is a joyful collection of acoustic guitar sounds, comprised of samples from four preciously released products.

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... is a stunning collection of acoustic strung instrument loops inspired by traditional world music and acoustic c...

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... marks the triumphant return of this genre-traversing series of emotive, ethereal, and truly ground-breaking sam...

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'Acoustic Guitars Vol 7' is a new collection of live guitars, destined to bring soul and character to your compositions.

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... contains over 600 one-shot acoustic guitar samples, chops, riffs, licks and rich chords of an unbeatable perfor...

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... from Producer Loops combines elements of electronic production with the unmistakable sound of real guitar, to b...

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... features high-grade sound quality and incredible realistic articulations. This library offers everything you ha...

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