Playbeat 3

    Playbeat 3 is a next Generation Creative Groove Engine for Windows and macOs. Create infinite variations of the gro...

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    £49.17 GBP

    Elysion 2

      Elysion 2 is a huge and incredibly fast scoring tool, optimised to fill the space with inspiration. It was built on...

      Price $248.94 USD

      £187.50 GBP

      808 Machine VST

      • 35% off

      ... by Studio Trap is a virtual instrument influenced by artists and producers such as 808 Mafia, Travis Scott, Lil...

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      £4.31 GBP

      808 Wrld

      • 35% off

      ... by Studio Trap is a heavy-hitting 808 VST instrument featuring 50 custom 808/Bass samples fully mixed and maste...

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      Price $5.72 USD

      £4.31 GBP

      Vintage Synth Bass

      • 50% off

      ... is another dynamite production pack from Industrial Strength Samples. ISR went in the studio and sampled some o...

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      £5.40 GBP

      Forest Kingdom 3

        ... by Best Service is the perfect tool for composers and sound-designers who want to compose music and atmospheric...

        Price $242.30 USD

        £182.50 GBP

        Crispy Drums VST

          ... by Modern Producers is a fully functional virtual instrument that works in all DAWs that support VST and AU, su...

          Price $15.49 USD

          £11.67 GBP

          ETHERA Gold Intimate Vocals

            'Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals' by Zero-G is part of the Ethera Gold series. It includes two amazing new Vocal True L...

            Price $46.42 USD

            £34.96 GBP

            Chris Hein Strings Compact

              'Strings Compact' by Chris Hein is the compacted version of the renowned libraries 'Chris Hein: Solo Strings Comple...

              Price $198.04 USD

              £149.16 GBP

              Northern Lights: Pad Machine

                ... by Zero-G is a highly creative, complex and expressive pad instrument for Kontakt. Create your own paths of bea...

                Price $74.28 USD

                £55.95 GBP

                Beat Master: Drumloop Machine

                  ... by Zero-G is a loop/slice-based Kontakt instrument featuring 14 patches and 4,000 loops and grooves, covering a...

                  Price $49.07 USD

                  £36.96 GBP

                  The Orchestra Complete 2

                    ... by Best Service is the flagship of the "The Orchestra" product family combining the force of the original 80-pi...

                    Price $441.45 USD

                    £332.50 GBP

                    The Orchestra: Strings of Winter

                      ... by Best Service brings another edition of The Orchestra series offering you a whole new bunch of sounds, colour...

                      Price $149.36 USD

                      £112.50 GBP

                      Atom V2

                      • 35% off

                      'Atom' is a unique new virtual instrument for Kontakt with a powerful custom engine, fully equipped to spark your c...

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                      £46.04 GBP

                      Dark Era

                        ... by Best Service brings you ancient pagan music and the sound of the Vikings created by the master of mystical s...

                        Price $253.36 USD

                        £190.83 GBP

                        Emotional Violin

                          ... helps you overcome the unnatural sound of artificial vibratos and false start samples. This library has what yo...

                          Price $193.62 USD

                          £145.83 GBP

                          Surface Tension

                            ... is a unique sound design tool that allows you to quickly and easily create a huge range of rich, organic, compl...

                            Price $61.91 USD

                            £46.63 GBP

                            Velvet Vocal

                              ... is a fantastic Kontakt instrument that combines over 500 vocal samples in 10 complete song performances sourced...

                              Price $53.05 USD

                              £39.96 GBP

                              Celtic ERA

                                The wait is over, sample library developer Eduardo Tarilonte is back this time with a precious collection of Celtic...

                                Price $253.36 USD

                                £190.83 GBP

                                Chris Hein: Ensemble Strings

                                  ... delivers outstanding, detailed and primarily musical results. The library consists of full and small violin, vi...

                                  Price $386.13 USD

                                  £290.83 GBP

                                  Accordions 2

                                    ... is the biggest virtual Accordion collection available. Ever since its release, 'Accordions' has become the firs...

                                    Price $193.62 USD

                                    £145.83 GBP

                                    Heavier 7 Strings

                                      ... from Three-Body Technology proudly presents a real time playable sample-based virtual instrument thats brings b...

                                      Price $198.05 USD

                                      £149.17 GBP

                                      The Orchestra

                                        ... is a revolutionary all-in-one 80 player orchestral library whose heart is this breakthrough ensemble-engine tha...

                                        Price $286.55 USD

                                        £215.83 GBP