African Guitars Vol 1

    ... features the crisp, upbeat tones of African style electric guitars reminiscent of Mbira and Soukous styles....

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    £12.46 GBP

    World Tek Vol 6

    • 40% off

    ... completes this long-running series from Producer Loops, bringing you over 800 MB of glitched, warped and totall...

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    $13.36 USD

    £9.98 GBP

    Ancient ERA: Persia

      ... is a collection of sounds from forgotten places of the Middle East. Create your own melodies with 28 fully play...

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      Tribal Drums

      • 25% off

      'Tribal Drums' is a new collection of Drum loops presented by Hall Samples. In this pack, you will find Drum loo...

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      £7.50 GBP

      World Tek Vol 5

      • 40% off

      'World Tek 5' returns with over 700 MB of experimental and eclectic material spanning a range of heavy, moody elect...

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      £9.98 GBP

      African Sauce

      ... is an aggressive one-of-a-kind drum sample collection blended with Ethnic instruments. Crafted by Kryptic Sampl...

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      £8.32 GBP

      Taar: Ethnic Songs

      • 20% off

      'Taar: Ethnic Songs' includes the art of a professional instrument player from a world-famous folklore ensemble,...

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      $8.92 USD

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      World Tek Vol 4

      • 40% off

      ... reboots this best-selling series at high speed, with tons of drums and a more up-to-date feel. Featuring faster...

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      Ultra Bollywood Grooves

        ... by Mango Loops brings you 196 grooves in WAV and Apple Loops/AIFF formats which are commonly used in Bollywood...

        $38.99 USD

        £29.13 GBP

        Sacred Indian Chants

          'Sacred Indian Chants' is a serene collection of world music vocals, performed and recorded in the heart of Indi...

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          New Age World & Folk Vol 1

          • 40% off

          ... begins this breath-takingly beautiful series of emotive Construction Kit products from producer Gregor Theelen,...

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          World Tek Bundle (Vols 1-3)

          • 40% off

          ... by sound designer Jeff Rhodes and multi-instrumentalist, Todd Milne, combines the first three volumes of this e...

          Was $38.99 USD

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          £17.48 GBP

          Rare Tones

            ... gives you a huge collection of unique sounds from tribes and cultures around the world....

            $26.71 USD

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            World Tek Vol 3

            • 40% off

            ... by sound designer Jeff Rhodes and multi-instrumentalist, Todd Milne, returns. Over half of this huge collection...

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            Ethno World 6: Voices

              ... is the summit of a library that has continuously grown and been improved over a period of 16 years. This librar...

              $250.99 USD

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              World Tek Vol 2

              • 40% off

              ... was produced by sound designer Jeff Rhodes, and multi-instrumentalist, Todd Milne. It's jam-packed with 600+ lo...

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              Ethnik Stringz

              'Ethnik Stringz' contains a multitude of melodies, hooks, riffs and licks played by instruments straight from th...

              $13.37 USD

              £9.99 GBP

              Pangaea Percussions

                ... is an ethno-Latin drum collection containing expressive live rhythms and fills for music production in the genr...

                $21.14 USD

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                Kings of Bhangra Vol 2

                • 40% off

                'Kings of Bhangra Vol 2' is the latest in this truly inspirational series from award-winning soundtrack composer...

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                £9.98 GBP