... was influenced by the colossal works of Hans Zimmer, Ben Frost, Clark and Tim Hecker. Set in the year 2049, thi...

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      ... takes you on a journey across the galaxy, featuring 1,200 high quality futuristic sound effects, covering a wid...

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        ... features over 500 8-Bit game sound effects resulting in over 30 minutes of pure 8-Bit epic-ness. All the awesom...

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          ... sound effects collection brings producers and sound designers a versatile and wide range of natural and designe...

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            ... is a complete sound effect solution for epic Sci-Fi battles, future war and dramatic action scenes and more, in...

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              ... means it's time to take a journey into the dark ages. Cinetools present over 750 cutting-edge Cinematic sound e...

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              Sci-fi, technology and distrust of everything around you… are they loops or prophecy? 'Zeros & Ones' from Bunker...

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              ... is a menacing volume of dark ambiances and sinister textures. Packed with over 650 MB of positively wicked cont...

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