... includes five bouncing G-House Construction Kits filled to the brim with over 500 MB full of powerful basslines...

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      ... includes five Construction Kits brimmed with over 558 MB full of powerful basslines, fat & subby kicks, dark ga...

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        ... from Engineering Samples RED brings you five Construction Kits filled with over 487 MB of powerful basslines, f...

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        ... from Urbanistic presents a unique fusion of ethnic Gypsy elements combined with banging Urban vibes. These five...

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          ... from Singomakers are back with some fresh and totally huge beats. This pack is totally beyond the limits. All s...

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          ... combines the three volumes of this stunning collection which takes influence from a childhood spent 8-Bit gamin...

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            ... from Ghost Syndicate explores new horizons of modern bass music with another heavy weapon. It is a professional...

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            ... is a collection of Construction Kits made by the main ThaLoops producer with experience of designing the sample...

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              ... contains five Construction Kits inspired by superstar DJs The Chainsmokers. Once again, this pack delivers you...

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              ... is the second volume of this collection of funky and groovy Hip Hop breaks and beats. This pack includes 67 pro...

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              ... marks the return of this wide and varied assortment of original melodic samples, drum loops and one-shots. All...

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