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Commercial Hip Hop Vol 2 + Latest Sample Packs @ ProducerLoops.com

'Commercial Hip Hop Vol 2' continues this series of cutting-edge Hip Hop arrangements, featuring five Construction Kits inspired by Drake, Kendrick Lamar & Kanye West. Featuring a range of contemporary Urban piano, synth, percussion and drum samples, you're sure to find inspiration in this versatile pack. One-shots, dry loops and FX tails are included to offer producers added flexibility. All of the loops in this prod...

£24.95 GBP

Function Loops

Function Loops
Function Loops officially launched in 2011 and is based in Israel. They bring the best quality sample packs, MIDI files and sounds for producers and musicians who require to add inspiration to their work.
Funtion Loops combines almost every style of electronic music such as: House, Techno, Trance, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Ambient and more...
Additional services provided for your production: mix & sound, mastering, producing electronic music for singers or bands, movies, video games & comercials.

Function Loops Products

EDM Producer's Kit 2015
EDM PRODUCER'S KIT 2015 ... from Function Loops is here to help you sign your tracks to labels faster. Offering a wide range of EDM production tools with almost 3GB of content featuring Bassline...
$25.70 USD
Psytrance Rave-O-Lution for Spire
PSYTRANCE RAVE-O-LUTION FOR SPIRE ... is that rare soundbank you have been waiting for so long. Function Loops have been receiving customer requests for this kind of content, so here you go! This pack it'...
$12.24 USD
Tropical House Vocals
TROPICAL HOUSE VOCALS ... is that rare vocals collection you have been waiting for. These vocals will bring bliss to your Tropical House tracks but are a great for Deep House and other sub-gen...
$18.97 USD
Tropic House Anthems
TROPIC HOUSE ANTHEMS ... from Function Loops is a refreshing sample pack offering five legendary Tropical House Construction Kits. This pack includes over 2 GB of soul touching sounds, includ...
$20.09 USD
Ultra EDM 2015
ULTRA EDM 2015 Ultra Festival 2015 is kicking off and Function Loops brings you a festival related collection, 'Ultra EDM 2015'. This collection is inspired by headliner names such as A...
$15.80 USD
Into The Void: Cinematic Library
INTO THE VOID: CINEMATIC LIBRARY ... is a remarkable collection of Cinematic tools for producers seeking for a "trailer feeling" in their productions. No matter if you are looking to produce soundtracks ...
$16.12 USD
Tropical House Kicks & Percussion
TROPICAL HOUSE KICKS & PERCUSSION ... is for you if you're producing Tropical House, but can't find enough percussion loops. Need a chilled Tropical kick for your next track? Function Loops is glad to hel...
$11.34 USD
Classic Deep House
CLASSIC DEEP HOUSE ... brings over 600MB of versatile tools for modern Deep House production including everything: drum loops, percussion loops, bass loops, synth loops and vocal loops. Dru...
$16.86 USD
Deep & Sexy Acapellas Bundle
DEEP & SEXY ACAPELLAS BUNDLE ... is the ultimate solution for Vocal Acapellas. Almost 1 GB of only vocal loops and samples, no additions, just pure vocal samples for House music production. Packed wi...
$20.03 USD
Future Acapellas With Rachel
FUTURE ACAPELLAS WITH RACHEL ... from Function Loops is another chart-breaking release featuring five Construction Kits including Vocal Acapellas performed by Rachel. This vocal pack it's different f...
$18.97 USD
Future House Nation
FUTURE HOUSE NATION You have never heard anything like this before. The innovation of technology over the past years, gave us the tools to take a glance into the future and bring you this un...
$17.92 USD
Tropical Deep House Acapellas
TROPICAL DEEP HOUSE ACAPELLAS Function Loops brings you one of a kind release, loaded with over 3GB of Tropical, Deep House material including five Construction Kits filled with all the instruments yo...
$23.54 USD
EDM Pre-Drop Vocals
EDM PRE-DROP VOCALS ... brings you 130 pre-drop EDM vocal samples that are gonna rock the dancefloors worldwide. These vocal samples are already pitched and ready to be dropped into any EDM ...
$13.91 USD
Progressive Psy Academy
PROGRESSIVE PSY ACADEMY ... from Function Loops is an inspiring sample pack loaded with the most versatile tools for Progressive Psy Trance production. Inspiration has been taken from the bigges...
$16.86 USD
Tropical House
TROPICAL HOUSE Tropical House is taking over global charts like a storm with artists like Mr.Probz, Kygo, Thomas Jack, Bakermat etc. Function Loops is proud to present one of the first ...
$17.92 USD
Technology For Massive
TECHNOLOGY FOR MASSIVE ... from Function Loops is an incredible collection of NI Massive presets designed towards Techno, but also perfect for Progressive-Psy and Psy-Trance. Top-notch sound de...
$12.61 USD
Psytrance Ableton Template by NoizeBusters
PSYTRANCE ABLETON TEMPLATE BY NOIZEBUSTERS Eight different track starter ideas are offered in this kick-ass Templates collection for Ableton Live. Served by Noizebusters for you to study some pro techniques and ab...
$11.89 USD
EDM Acapellas Trilogy
EDM ACAPELLAS TRILOGY ... is a 3-in-1 mega collection of best selling vocal packs from Function Loops. You will find three different vocalists, each of them was topping the global charts in th...
$35.31 USD
WANTED! Mainroom Drops & Vocals
WANTED! MAINROOM DROPS & VOCALS ... is a brand new EDM blaster from Function Loops, bringing some serious sounds into your studio. Over 550 MB of unique content including loops, samples & presets for Sy...
$17.92 USD
Deep & Sexy Acapellas With Tonka 2
DEEP & SEXY ACAPELLAS WITH TONKA 2 After the remarkable success of their first Tonka Acapellas pack, Function Loops have decided to create a decent sequel. Performed with even more passion, emotion and sou...
$18.97 USD
House & Deep Bundle
HOUSE & DEEP BUNDLE ... from Function Loops is an special priced mega bundle for House & Deep music production. Inside you will find absolutely everything you need including Basslines, Drums...
$21.09 USD
WANTED! Melbourne Drops & Vocals
WANTED! MELBOURNE DROPS & VOCALS Welcome to Melbourne! In this unique sample pack from Function Loops, you are getting five enormous Construction Kits for Melbourne Bounce production. Each Kit is loaded ...
$17.92 USD
In Trance We Trust
IN TRANCE WE TRUST ... from Function Loops is an outstanding sample pack featuring over 350MB of super sonic sounds to refresh your ideas. Inspired by all the top PsyTrance Festivals to-dat...
$16.86 USD
Freakin' Scary EDM Vocals
FREAKIN' SCARY EDM VOCALS ... from Function Loops is a special collection of original, scary vocals dedicated to Halloween. Demonic, evil voices to spice up any freaky production! Useful not only ...
$10.59 USD
Vocals Only 3-in-1
VOCALS ONLY 3-IN-1 Function Loops is proud to present one of the biggest vocal sample packs around with over 5 GB (yes, you heard right) of unique Vocal Only material. Including all Functio...
$52.88 USD