... is a class production pack that features loads of inspirational sonic elements for you to work with in the stud...

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... from Bang Bang Productions brings you five amazingly clean and crisp Construction Kits. This is definitely one ...

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Next generation of EDM! 'Future EDM' features eight key-labelled Construction Kits packed with up-to-date and insan...

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... includes five Trap Construction Kits containing everything needed to make monster Trap songs. You'll find Trap ...

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... from YnK Audio is bundle collection of all three packs in this chart-topping series of Construction Kits, inspired by the perfect blend of Trap and Rock.

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'Candy Grahams' includes five Construction Kits inspired by the one and only Lukus Graham. This pack is suitable for Pop, Indie, Jazz, Pop Rock, Lounge, R&B & Soul.

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'Black Coffee R&B' is the latest in this chart-topping series of Construction Kits inspired by the music of R&B ...

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'Massive EDM Drops Vol 2' reignites this series of dancefloor-shaking songstarters from Pure EDM, bursting out o...

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... returns with yet another legendary series of top notch sounds for the Sylenth1 VSTi. This edition brings you 10...

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... marks the triumphant return of this genre-traversing series of emotive, ethereal, and truly ground-breaking sam...

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... from Producer Loops continues this best-selling series which blends the best elements of Commercial Trance and ...

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Big Sounds present 'Mainroom Build Ups Vol 2', a collection of insane building Risers, Defining Impacts, Massive Pr...

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... from Producer Loops is an authentic collection of slick and subdued RnB Construction Kits which take influence ...

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... from Nice The Creative Group features five Trap Construction Kits with a slight twist on them. Hard bass, crisp...

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