... is the second edition of this stunning sample collection of Fragments, featuring a fresh reboot ...

£19.95 GBP

(Approx. $29.14 USD)

... features another 100 key and tempo labelled glitched vocal goodies, along with 200 vocal glitch one shots to take home to your favourite samplers.

£7.95 GBP

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... has all areas of production covered. Inside this huge pack you will find deep, rounded low end bass, airy top line leads and humongous kick drums.

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... from Smokey Loops is a explosive collection of Blues and electric guitar loops. It has been prof...

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... from Empire Soundkits brings you five Contruction Kits filled with MIDI and loops perfect for ma...

Was £12.50 GBP

£10.63 GBP

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... transports your productions to the heart of India. Packed full of traditional percussion, string...

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... is is the much-requested sequel to the chart-bustin' OvO/FreeBandZ inspired first product from t...

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... by Singomakers are very happy to present their first Tropical House sample pack. Full of Tropica...

£29.95 GBP

(Approx. $43.75 USD)

'Goldbaby Urban Cookbook Vol 3' contains all new sounds from the Urban Cookbook series. Perfect for ...

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... from Empire Soundkits brings you this Kit developed by award-winning engineer and producer Camer...

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'Infinite Reflection' is a captivating and outrageously inspiring collection of Electronica and S...

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... is the last instalment of this collection of five incredible Royalty-Free Hip Hop Construction K...

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