FX Tools

    ... is a big collection of Spire presets, making it perfect for any producer looking for a boost over the competiti...

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    Trap For NI Massive

    • 40% off

    ... leaves no stone unturned in its quest for capturing the sounds of Drake, Cashmere Cat & Flosstradamus. A total...

    Was $22.76 USD

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    Sishug: FL Studio Project

    ... brings you long-awaited bass house FL Studio Project, inspired by the dopest tracks from Brohug. This product c...

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    Sounds Of Lojack

    ... features the talents of Lojack, an amazing sound designer and songwriter who has absolutely melted this pack wi...

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    FM8 Super Pack

      ... from Singomakers are back with an ultimate FM8 super pack. 310 brand new patches for the amazing synthesizer, F...

      $40.99 USD

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      Future Soul Presets

        ... is a super-fresh selection of Soul injected Massive presets bursting with bright harmonics, warm timbres and em...

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          ... pushes your producer skills and sounds to the next level with a brand new sample pack from Singomakers. A hot f...

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