80's Funktronica

    ... is the ultimate resource for crate-digging Hip Hop producers, French Funk fans and beat alchemists of all genre...

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    Ultimate Vocal Bundle Vol 1

      ... is huge in content. It includes more than 7 GB of vocal files, WAV and MIDI stems in a varity of genres and sty...

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      Vocals Only Bundle: MZ

      ... by Pulsed Records delivers an amazing bundled collection of processed vocal multi-tracks, designed for producer...

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      Essential Tropical House: Vocal Edition 2

      • 50% off

      ... is the long-awaited follow-up to one of the bestselling vocal packs of all time. Just like the first volume, th...

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      Melodic Vocal Deep

        ... supplies you with everything you could possibly need to learn how to create amazing sounding tracks. Sample Too...

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        Indian Regional Folk Vocal Vol 2

          ... by Mango Loops brings you 76 vocal phrases and improvised melodies of traditional Indian regional Folk songs wi...

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          Arabic Pop Vol 1

          • 50% off

          ... perfectly captures that Middle Eastern Trap sound that has dominated the charts. These Major Lazer style Constr...

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          Urban Pop Vocals

          • 50% off

          'Urban Pop Vocals Vol 1' is the real deal. This Billboard-slaying release features professional Urban Pop arrangeme...

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          Ultra Tropical House Vocals 3

          • 60% off

          ... is the third installment of this successful and outstanding female full vocal series. Inside this versatile col...

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          Hype Vocals

            ... from Catalyst Samples are ultra proud to present this pack featuring 150 mind-bending, forward-thinking and fre...

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            Acoustic Vocals Vol 2

              ... is once again all about vocals. It contains three verse to chorus songs with two of them having both male and f...

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              Pop Up Vol 1: Vocal Edition

                ... comes with lead vocals and much more and is a perfect tool for your Pop, House and EDM productions....

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                Ultra G-House Vocals

                • 60% off

                ... is the only gangsta vocal pack of its kind. It brings you catchy, original, dirty and powerful vocal loops. If...

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                European Pop Vocals Vol 3

                • 50% off

                ... gives you direct access to a captivating vocalist and the techniques, tricks & sound design skills of a profess...

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                Chopped Vocal Hooks

                ... brings 100 Key-Labelled Vocal Loops and 50 Vocal Shots for your next productions. Loops come as Dry/Wet version...

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                Acoustic Vocals Vol 1

                • 35% off

                ... is all about vocals. It contains three verse to chorus songs with two of them having both male and female vocal...

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                Vocal Pop FSTVL Anthems

                • 15% off

                ... from Mainroom Warehouse features five full vocal Construction Kits with WAV, MIDI and presets included....

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