Advanced UI

    ... sound effects collection brings producers and sound designers a versatile and wide range of natural and designe...

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    Cinematic Series Bundle (Vols 1-3)

      ... is the ultimate companion for trailer and soundtrack composers, sound designers and serious producers looking t...

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      Ancient Game

      • 50% off

      ... wants you to get ready for adventure as this pack provides you over 1,500 designed and source MMO/game-ready au...

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      $38.41 USD

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      What About: EDM FX 2017

      ... is a powerful and creative pack full of spine-tingling FX, made to allow you to just drag and drop the stems in...

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      £6.45 GBP


      • 30% off

      ... is a remarkable collection of top quality signals, drones, textures, stingers, hits, tonal darkness, impacts, r...

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      World Tek Vol 6

      • 30% off

      ... completes this long-running series from Producer Loops, bringing you over 800 MB of glitched, warped and totall...

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      $15.55 USD

      £11.64 GBP

      Drone: Techno FX

        'Drone: Techno FX' includes timeless FX samples that will apply the final touch of brilliance to your music. Loa...

        $11.07 USD

        £8.29 GBP

        Dark Atmospherics Vol 2

          ... from Loopmasters is a brutal collection of killer sonic mutations, cuts and textures to swoop a looming shadow...

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            ... includes sounds that movies just wouldn't be as cool without the big roaring sounds they have. The power of the...

            $80.08 USD

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            World Tek Vol 4

            • 30% off

            ... reboots this best-selling series at high speed, with tons of drums and a more up-to-date feel. Featuring faster...

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            $15.55 USD

            £11.64 GBP

            Ambient Glitch Vol 6

            • 30% off

            ... was produced for Producer Loops by sound designer and producer, Jeff Rhodes. After spinning off the 'Clanks' se...

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              'Disturbia' is Cinetools' nightmarish and existential sample pack which takes a deep dive into the psyche of mad...

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              £64.95 GBP

              Ambient Glitch Vol 5

              • 30% off

              ... was produced for Producer Loops by sound designer and producer, Jeff Rhodes. After finishing the third volume o...

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              $15.55 USD

              £11.64 GBP

              Mainroom FX

                ... is designed to cover all your FX requirements with falls, risers, crashes, impacts, fills, and much, much more....

                $17.81 USD

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                  ... offers you high quality sources to design the unique sounding whoosh and pass by sound effects. Whooshes are th...

                  $80.08 USD

                  £59.95 GBP

                  World Tek Bundle (Vols 1-3)

                  • 30% off

                  ... by sound designer Jeff Rhodes and multi-instrumentalist, Todd Milne, combines the first three volumes of this e...

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                  Future Robotics

                  • 40% off

                  ... by Cinematic Sound Design features a collection of futuristic sound effects designed for Cinematic productions,...

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