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Winter Sale Now On + Latest Sample Packs @ ProducerLoops.com

The Producer Loops Winter Sale is now on! Stock up your studio for the coming months with fantastic bargains on Sample Packs for Hip Hop, Trap, EDM, Cinematic, DnB, House, Trance and more. Whether you're looking for basslines, VSTi presets, drum kits, guitar samples, vocal loops or even ethnic instrumental samples, we've got you covered! With new labels adding products to our sale each day, please check back often to see if your next must-have purchases are now avail...

Supalife Dubstep: Dirty Dance Edition

'Supalife Dubstep: Dirty Dance Edition' delivers FIVE dark, dirty, mean and twisted Dubstep Construction Kits designed to bring you the future in Dubstep innovation and ensure you keep the dancefloor rocking! This awe-inspiring pack from Eddy Beneteau's Supalife Records mixes Dubstep with popular and commercial Dance styles to create an entirely...

(Inc. 20% discount until Mar 20)

Normally: £24.96 GBP ($36.20 USD)

'Supalife Dubstep: Dirty Dance Edition' delivers FIVE dark, dirty, mean and twisted Dubstep Construction Kits designed to bring you the future in Dubstep innovation and ensure you keep the dancefloor rocking! This awe-inspiring pack from Eddy Beneteau's Supalife Records mixes Dubstep with popular and commercial Dance styles to create an entirely new, fresh and exciting sound!

'Supalife Dubstep: Dirty Dance Edition' includes loops and samples in a range of formats plus MIDI files, for enhanced flexibility. 

Eddy Beneteau and Producer Loops set the standard for Dubstep productions with their hugely popular 'Supalife Dubstep: Smooth Edition', 'Supalife Dubstep: Hard Edition' and 'Supalife Dubstep: Dark Edition' packs, with 'Supalife Dubstep: Hard Edition' racking up an awesome Computer Music Score of 9/10 and 'Supalife Dubstep: Smooth Edition' and 'Supalife Dubstep: Hard Edition' sample packs close on its heels with a Computer Music 8/10 rating. 'Supalife Dubstep: Smooth Edition' was also given 9/10 by Future Music magazine, making these packs a clear favourite with the critics.

Eddy Beneteau's new offering will catapult your Dubstep into other dimensions, with five hard, twisted and frankly disturbingly dirty Construction Kits. These kits are fresh-sounding, energetic and lively, featuring Eddy's distinctive and vibrant sound throughout.

Expect wobbling and unstable (yet solid-sounding) basslines with hard as nail drums and FX to die for, and you'll get an idea of the content we have on offer here. The content is backed up by the usual Producer Loops feature set, including wet and dry loops, effect tails, MIDI files and one-shot synth and drum samples. Read on to find out more...

Computer Music Review (October 2011 Edition):

"This pack is made up of five construction kits, each one a minute long tune broken down into it's dark and ominous stems. There are also MIDI files, one-shots, dry versions of each sample and unlooped riffs with tails. It's all produced to perfection and there is a lot to play with considering the reasonable price... It's versatile and covers all dubstep angles. (SCORE 8/10)"

Future Music Magazine (February 2011 Edition):

"Containing five 140 BPM Construction Kits which blend Dubstep's lazy, halfstep beats with ethereal synth pads, D'n'B influenced riffs and even the odd vocal sample. Smooth Edition is a real winner, with highly original sounds by the bucketload and samples in every format you can imagine. If you're a Dubstep producer with an open mind, this one is an absolute must. (SCORE 9/10)"

Key and Tempo Tagging:

As with all Producer Loops products, the files in this pack include tempo and key information in the filename (as well as embedded within the format) so you can see them at a glance. This is very useful for fast integration with your existing projects.

About MIDI Files:

For producers demanding MIDI loops, PL's got you covered! 'Supalife Dubstep: Dirty Dance Edition' includes over 90 MIDI files (across all kits) that will give you access to the raw musical data, allowing you to assign your favourite drum and synth sounds to them.

Release Loops:

This product was built with flexibility in mind. Therefore, certain loops include 'Release' or 'Unlooped' versions of the loops, allowing you to end a sustained or heavily effected musical phrases with ease. Dry versions are also provided so you can add your own FX, as required.

One-Shot Samples:

Over 130 melodic synth and drum one-shot samples are included (across all five kits) allowing you to create your own sampler patches to use alongside the included musical content. Ranging from pads to basses, lead sounds and drums, you'll find plenty here of material to experiment with.


All the loops and samples in this pack are licensed to you, for use within both personal and commercial compositions at no extra cost, with no exceptions.

Author: Dave Colville, Bognor Regis Guardian, May 16th, 2012
"Stand well back upon opening this pack because Eddy Beneteau’s latest creations will have your ears a-poppin and your musical inspiration set ablaze. If you’ve always been blown away by Eddy’s immaculate output – especially in his Trance and Dance outings – his five cracking Dubstep kits will have you salivating as well.

The good thing is that Eddy hasn’t been lured into staying with the genre as we all know it, he has taken it a (Dub)step further and, to his credit, has done a superb job indeed. Let’s be honest, Dubstep in its first incarnation invoked cries of
‘What the heck is this all about then?’ as the combination of Dub, Glitch-Hop and God-only-knows what else hit our ears.

And – at an average 140 BMP – how come it sounded nothing like Trance which was the only genre being slapped out then at 140 BPM? A fast speed yet still sounding slowish and grinding. Over the years things have smoothed out a bit and Dubstep has become acceptable to thousands – but where to next?

Hip-hop has splintered into seemingly hundreds of incarnations but where can you go with the Dubstep phenomenon? Thankfully, Eddy has grasped the bull by the horns and mashed his sounds into a much more dance-friendly library. Make no mistake, there are
still shedloads of grinding, gritty formulaic wibbly-wobbly basses but he has also crafted lots of energetic and ‘faster-sounding’ loops and samples.

Twisted, dark, glitchy (even bonkers) sounds brings this pack into the forefront of Dubstep today. So, to add spice and a new way of playing about with Dubstep, check out this superb pack now. It’s in loads of formats so there’s plenty to choose from
– whichever suits your favourite DAW.

And don’t forget, Producer Loops’ excellent Mix n Match facility let’s you download and pay for only the format(s) you require. So, if this is the first Supalife
Dubstep pack you’ve tasted, once you’ve heard it you’ll definitely be hooked and ready to try out the forerunners"

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