... is an all new source of analogue and analogue style drum hits and loops created using boutique h...

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(Approx. $43.76 USD)

... is direct from the UK underground, presented to you by CONNECTD Audio. It serves up 60 rough and...

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... brings together a range of styles and influences to create a razor-sharp sound on the cutting-ed...

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... by Pulsed Records features an arsenal of sounds designed for Bass, Garage, House and more. Fat b...

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£9.33 GBP

(Approx. $13.63 USD)

... from Producer Loops is a unique collection of hybrid Construction Kits, fusing together accessib...

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(Approx. $36.47 USD)

'French Complextro House’ is a hot new product from Audio Masters, featuring a selection of the...

£28.33 GBP

(Approx. $41.39 USD)

... from Producer Loops is a stunningly well-produced collection of authentic Construction Kits insp...

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... delivers a fat collection of 300+ elements for Tropical House production. This pack has been ins...

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... contains a dazzling 161 patches for Sylenth, Massive & Spire. This new 2016 upcoming genre is a ...

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... continues this series of authentic Construction Kits designed to take your House productions dee...

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... by Pulsed Records delivers an incredible collection for producers that want to make it on labels...

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... continues this series of exciting hybrid Construction Kits fusing the accessible flow and pulse ...

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... brings you 11 heavy House beat Kits, suitable for Bass House, Future House, Electro House and ED...

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