Chill Trap & Melodic RnB

Laniakea Sounds are proud to present "Chill Trap & Melodic RnB" – an amazing journey into the world of soulful rh...

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The Pop & Vocals Bundle

  • 90% off

Producer Loops is proud to Release The Black Friday Pop & Vocals Bundle. Get a stellar collection of 5 Pop, Disco,...

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... by Pulsed Records features a collection of chilled-up Leads, mellow Plucks, intricate Chords, subtle Melodies,...

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Let Go

... features lush acoustic instrumentals and it's packed full of long, sustained melodies and performances alongsid...

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Lo-Fi & Chill Bundle

... combines 3 Equinox Sounds collections featuring Construction Kits for creating Lo-Fi music and chilled out flav...

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Surreal - Vocal Atmospheres

... by Laniakea Sounds is an authentic collection of dreamy and blurry sounds represented by layered vocal textures...

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Downtempo Darkness 10

    ... contains deep dark audio loop content. These loops and content have been used on countless video game soundtrac...

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    Bliss: Atmospheric Vocals

    'Bliss' is a brand-new sample pack by Laniakea Sounds filled with unique atmospheric vocal ad-libs and complex soft...

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    Dawdio - Aerial Vocal Atmospheres

      Aerial Vocal Atmospheres by Dawdio features beautiful female vocals elegantly performed by Caroline Tucker, alongsi...

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      Paradise Trap

      ... by Producer Loops features a broad variety of electronic and acoustic instrumentals and ehereal vocals for both...

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      Lo-Fi Chill Textures 2

      ... from Equinox Sounds brings another set of 12 Construction Kits loaded with Lo-Fi loops that sound like they cam...

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      ... from Producer Loops and The Sound of Merlin is the follow-up release to our highly-acclaimed Manana. It takes y...

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      Serendipity: Atmospheric Electronica

      • 50% off

      We are proud to present our latest release “Serendipity: Atmospheric Electronica” filled with fresh and inspira...

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      Spirit of India

      ... by Producer Loops and The Sound of Merlin features an impressive collection of vocals and traditional Indian el...

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      Ambient Tools

        ... by Loopersound is a powerful and emotive collection able to heat the atmosphere. The pack includes 151 loops,...

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        Nordic Jazz

        ... from Producer Loops and The Sound of Merlin is a follow-up to Norwegian Jazz sample packs, 'Compassion' and 'Re...

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        Synthmorph: Repro1 Electron

        • 50% off

        Synthmorph has announced the release of Repro1 Electron. It is not just a preset pack, but an innovative toolset th...

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        ... from Producer Loops and The Sound of Merlin was inspired by Lounge artists like St. Germain, and Kruder & Dorfm...

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        ... from Producer Loops and The Sound of Merlin takes you on a journey to the mellow and atmospheric side of Electr...

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        Midnight Ambient

        ... from Munique Music features live drum and acoustic Ambient styled music. This pack gives you that sexy Ambient/...

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        ... from Producer Loops and The Sound of Merlin takes you on a journey through a dreamworld filled with fabulous la...

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        Ethereal Fields: Chill Hop & Ambient

        • 50% off

        We are here with our latest release “Ethereal Fields - Chill hop & Ambient” packed with a variety of silky and...

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