Nordic Jazz

... from Producer Loops and 'The Sound of Merlin' is a follow-up to Norwegian Jazz sample packs, 'Compassion' and '...

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... by Pulsed Records delivers a collection of unique designed sounds, suitable for Chillstep, RnB and Cinematic pr...

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... from Producer Loops and 'The Sound of Merlin' is inspired by Lounge artists like St. Germain, and Kruder & Dorf...

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Massive X Dark Ambient

    ... by Code Sounds is a highly focused preset bank that explores Dark Ambient, Cinematic, Experimental Music and Ga...

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    ... from Producer Loops and 'The Sound of Merlin' takes you on a journey to the mellow and atmospheric side of Elec...

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    Lo-Fi Chill Textures

    ... from Equinox Sounds brings 12 Construction Kits loaded with Lo-Fi loops that sound like they came out straight...

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    ... from Producer Loops and 'The Sound of Merlin' takes you on a journey through a dreamworld filled with fabulous...

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    Downtempo & Lo-Fi

      ... by Bingoshakerz features a set of coffee shop grooves, vintage synth melodics, downtempo beats, chilled ambienc...

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      Sit back and relax... Let 'Manana' take you on a tour of the Mediterranean coast as we explore the warm evening cli...

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      Butterfly: Melodic Ambient

        ... by Famous Audio features 184 loops and samples aimed to inspire and spark your creativity. Filled with chilled...

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        Trap Aura

        ... by Producer Loops delivers a smooth blend of Trap influenced, Ambient Chill in the style of artists such as Ale...

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        Chill Aura

        ... by Equinox Sounds features five Construction Kits suited to lazy afternoons and laid-back Chillout sessions. In...

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        Late Night Jazz Bundle (Vols 1-3)

        • 20% off

        'Late Night Jazz 1-3' from Anthology features 31 GB of sophisticated Jazz, expertly composed and arranged to infuse...

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        Infinite Color Vol 2: RC 20 Presets

        • 30% off

        'Infinite Color Vol 2' by D-Fused Sounds is the second instalment of this nice series of presets for RC20 Retrocolo...

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        Ibiza Chillout Vol 2

        • 20% off

        ... from "Anthology" brings you a MASSIVE 30 GB of blissed out and emotive Construction Kits featuring stunning tru...

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        Cinematic Ambience

        • 25% off

        ... by Code Sounds features all the essential and cutting-edge tools you need to dive into Ambient, Chill, Film or...

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        Late Night Jazz Vol 3

        • 20% off

        ... by Anthology sets a new standard for Jazz sample packs, bringing you 20GB of world-class recordings, featuring...

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        Deep Pads & Textures By Blackwarp

          'Deep Pads & Textures Vol By Blackwarp' by Black Octopus is a journey into the abyss of sound design and emotive s...

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          2Step Chillout

          ... by Producer Loops is a smooth and elegant collection of vocal centered Chillout Construction Kits loaded with b...

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          Ashes - Rhythm Guitar Loops

            ... by Your Local Musician consists of a set of 15 rhythm guitar loops with additional lead lines, played all on El...

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            Downtempo Samplepack

            ... by Audentity Records is all about Ambient Loops and Rhythms. If your track needs a shimmering, floating, trancy...

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            £12.50 GBP

            ETHERA Gold Sahara Voices

              ... by Zero-G and Xfonic presents the latest addition to the Ethera Collection. The Ethera Collection consists of E...

              Price $61.00 USD

              £44.13 GBP