Pop Up Vol 2

    ... is ready to Pop up your popular music arsenal. Inspired by artists and producers such as Marshmello, The Chains...

    $16.15 USD

    £11.67 GBP

    Future Pop Vocals Vol 1

      ... is the ultimate collection of male vocals and cutting-edge instrumentals. Pairing Country style vocals with Fut...

      $57.60 USD

      £41.63 GBP


      Ultra Pop Elements Vol 1

        ... from Maverick Samples includes five Construction Kits containing everything you need to build hot Pop hits, inc...

        $14.93 USD

        £10.79 GBP

        Arabic Pop Vol 1

          ... perfectly captures that Middle Eastern Trap sound that has dominated the charts. These Major Lazer style Constr...

          $34.53 USD

          £24.96 GBP


          Future Pop Drums

          ... from Function Loops is an special collection featuring only the drum samples and loops collected from all of th...

          $11.52 USD

          £8.33 GBP

          Future Vocal Pop

            ... takes inspiration from extremely melodic, dynamic, clean sounding chart hits. It contains everything you need t...

            $19.48 USD

            £14.08 GBP

            Future Bass Vol 2

              ... reignites this bestselling series of radio-ready Construction Kits inspired by The Chainsmokers, Flume & Marshm...

              $34.53 USD

              £24.96 GBP

              Tropical Pop Bundle

                ... by Audio Masters features three high quality products in one immense bundle. Delivering tons of unique sounds a...

                $80.70 USD

                £58.33 GBP

                Urban Pop Vocals

                  'Urban Pop Vocals Vol 1' is the real deal. This Billboard-slaying release features professional Urban Pop arrangeme...

                  $57.60 USD

                  £41.63 GBP


                  Future Disco & Pop Bundle

                  ... by Pulsed Records delivers a huge bundled a collection of hand-crafted sounds, designed for producers of Pop, D...

                  $39.20 USD

                  £28.33 GBP

                  Chart Pop Bundle

                  • 25% off

                  ... by Audio Masters contains three high quality products in one immense bundle. Featuring a massive 15 Constructio...

                  Was $80.70 USD

                  $60.52 USD

                  £43.74 GBP

                  South Korean Pop Vol 1

                    ... may just be our zaniest release to date! Combining elements of K-Pop and Melbourne Bounce, this mind-melting Pr...

                    $34.53 USD

                    £24.96 GBP

                    Future Pop Music

                      Big Sounds presents 'Future Pop Music', this super pack has this magical future sound that will take your track to...

                      $19.55 USD

                      £14.13 GBP