Vocals Only 4

... by Audentity Records provides you with Royalty-Free vocals for your new tracks curated from Audentity Records'...

$17.55 USD

£12.92 GBP

Modern Pop Vocal Chops 4

    ... by Diginoiz features 50 melodic and dynamic vocal chops in wet and dry versions. Root key and tempo are mention...

    $19.13 USD

    £14.08 GBP


    Chill Pop

    • 10% off

    ... fills a current gap in the market with a revolutionary blend of commercial chill pop with futuristic melodic el...

    Was $28.24 USD

    $25.43 USD

    £18.72 GBP


    Back To 80s Vol 1

    • 35% off

    ... by Prune Loops comes with 5 Pop Vocal Construction Kits inspired by that retro Synth Vibe of the 80s era, but w...

    Was $32.83 USD

    $21.34 USD

    £15.71 GBP


    Pop RnB  Guitar Library 2

    'Pop Rnb Guitar Library 2' by Luigi Production features 42 live guitar samples that will initiate ideas and incorpo...

    $19.25 USD

    £14.17 GBP

    Nu Disco Pop

    • 10% off

    ... by Producer Loops provides the perfect amount of Nu Disco influence for your next pop masterpiece. This colourf...

    Was $28.24 USD

    $25.43 USD

    £18.72 GBP

    Nostalgia Pop

      ... by Touch Loops digs deep into the iconic 80s world of woozy analogue synths, Hip-Hop sensibilities, wondering s...

      $16.98 USD

      £12.50 GBP

      Sounds of Syence: LA Pop

      • 10% off

      Producer Loops are proud to announce this collaboration with Pop artist, Syence, and we are very proud to present '...

      Was $24.85 USD

      $22.37 USD

      £16.47 GBP


      Wavevox Vol 1

      • 40% off

      ... by Roundel Sounds comes with four Pop Vocal lines surrounded with some great piano and real electric guitars th...

      Was $30.56 USD

      $18.34 USD

      £13.50 GBP


      Shocking Synth Pop For Sylenth1

      • 30% off

      ... is a Sylenth1 soundbank that combines future and vintage sounds. The sound of the 80s is back more than ever. A...

      Was $13.53 USD

      $9.48 USD

      £6.98 GBP


      Open C Acoustic Guitar Vol 2

        ... by Vanilla Groove Studios is perfect if you are looking for some authentic acoustic guitar for your next track....

        $16.93 USD

        £12.46 GBP

        Commercial Pop House

        • 10% off

        ... by Producer Loops delivers 5 ultra-modern Construction Kits that perfectly capture the current array of vocal s...

        Was $28.24 USD

        $25.43 USD

        £18.72 GBP


        Songwriter Guitar Elements Vol 1

          ... by Vanilla Groove Studios features 337 smooth and rhythmic guitar loops recorded at 90 BPM on acoustic steel st...

          $16.93 USD

          £12.46 GBP


          Melodic Bass & Pop Bundle

          ... by Pulsed Records delivers three top-quality products in a single bundle. Inside you will find a selection of L...

          Was $33.95 USD

          $16.98 USD

          £12.50 GBP

          Disco Pop

          • 10% off

          ... by Producer Loops brings all the elements needed to create the freshest modern Disco Pop Hits. This pack includ...

          Was $33.91 USD

          $30.52 USD

          £22.47 GBP

          B8: Nu Disco Pop

          • 55% off

          'Nu Disco Pop' from Bunker 8 merges chart topping beats with up-to-date synth Disco vibes. Inspired by artists like...

          Was $28.3 USD

          $12.74 USD

          £9.38 GBP

          Breaking News Vocals

          • 25% off

          ... by Seven Sounds is an old school, vintage pack from the 60s, 70s, and 80s with 120 vintage vocal phrases that c...

          Was $23.76 USD

          $17.82 USD

          £13.12 GBP

          Billie 2

          ... by 2Deep is the follow-up release to the chart-topping first instalment. Like its predecessor, Billie 2 brings...

          Was $44.15 USD

          $19.87 USD

          £14.63 GBP

          Fractures Pop EDM

            ... by Keep It Sample is a pack inspired by artists like Gryffin and Illennium loaded with a wide selection of ener...

            $23.02 USD

            £16.95 GBP

            Pop House Bundle (Vols 4-6)

            • 30% off

            Pop House Bundle (Vols 4-6)' combines the final three volumes in this exciting series of Construction Kit products...

            Was $56.55 USD

            $39.58 USD

            £29.14 GBP