Sound Library - Bundle

    ... by Nano Musik Loops is a sound bank and preset collection featuring 553 Sylenth1, 213 Spire and 197 NI Massive...

    $44.11 USD

    £32.50 GBP


    Future Rave Anthems

      ... by Mainroom Warehouse features 5 Superb Full Construction Kits loaded with WAV, MIDI, and Presets....

      $18.04 USD

      £13.29 GBP


      Future Rave Vol 2

      Big Sounds ... it's a follow up sample pack that will help you to make future rave style tracks in no time. This sa...

      $22.61 USD

      £16.66 GBP

      Tune That Kick 1

      • 40% off

      ... by Pool of Sound comes with 145 carefully crafted tuned kicks that cover pretty much every genre....

      Was $15.84 USD

      $9.5 USD

      £7.00 GBP

      Future EDM For Serum

        ... by HY2ROGEN returns with another collection for the books in the form of over 100 handcrafted presets for your...

        $20.29 USD

        £14.95 GBP


        HQ Drums: Brasiliana

          ... is a brand new series which brings high quality samples for Brazilian Bass & Slap House genres. It is a compreh...

          $13.52 USD

          £9.96 GBP


          200 Progressive House MIDI Melodies Vol 1

          • 40% off

          ... by Nano Musik Loops is a MIDI compilation of House melodies based on 20 FL Studio demo projects loaded with 200...

          Was $22.62 USD

          $13.57 USD

          £10.00 GBP


          Future Rave

          Big Sounds ... sample pack features loops and MIDI files for your music productions. All you need to start and fini...

          $16.96 USD

          £12.50 GBP

          EDM Injection Vol 2

          • 30% off

          ... brings speaker-shredding sounds that cover the entire spectrum of electronic dance music right to your DAW. The...

          Was $28.21 USD

          $19.76 USD

          £14.56 GBP

          EDM Epic Trap

          • 50% off

          ... by Big Citi Loops kicks off a dynamite EDM Trap series from Gorillaz Samplez filled with blazing and unique sou...

          Was $12.76 USD

          $6.38 USD

          £4.70 GBP

          Fractures Pop EDM

            ... by Keep It Sample is a pack inspired by artists like Gryffin and Illennium loaded with a wide selection of ener...

            $23 USD

            £16.95 GBP

            EDM Injection Vol 1

            • 30% off

            ... brings speaker shredding sounds that cover the entire spectrum of electronic dance music right to your DAW. The...

            Was $33.87 USD

            $23.72 USD

            £17.48 GBP

            Ultra Indian Vocals

            • 30% off

            ... is the most detailed EDM Indian vocal library ever published. This unique sample pack is inspired by artists su...

            Was $13.52 USD

            $9.47 USD

            £6.98 GBP

            Massive EDM Drops Vol 3

            • 30% off

            ... reignites this series with a final flurry of dancefloor-shaking songstarters from Pure EDM, bursting out of the...

            Was $33.87 USD

            $23.72 USD

            £17.48 GBP