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Knight up and revel in the hoof-pounding excitement of battle! Wander, not lost, through still and dewy forests. Dr...

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... marks the triumphant return of this epic, silver screen-esque series of Construction Kits from Producer Loops. ...

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... contains the first four sample packs produced by AK, including tons of foley, drum and FX samples.

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... from Bluezone Corporation contains over 179 ambiences, massive impacts/Cinematic hits, dark soundscapes, energe...

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... is here to put you in a Cinematic mood. This product comes with five projects with WAV and MIDI stems included.

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... transports your productions to the heart of India. Packed full of traditional percussion, stringed instruments ...

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... delivers a fresh batch of organic goodness with this jam-packed library of raw, punchy beats & rustic, tape-drenched recordings of smooth & soulful chords & melodies.

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... from Loopmasters is an industrial exploration of cinematic sounds, featuring heavy guitars, distorted synths, e...

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... by Cinematic Sound Design delivers a huge collection of futuristic interface sound effects. Developed to be use...

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... by Cinematic Sound Design features a collection of more than 250 hand-crafted sounds. Designed & recorded at pr...

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