... features a series of male vocals by Bromar inspired by the sound of Trap Soul artists such as Bryson Tiller, Fe...

Price $28.53 USD

£20.79 GBP


Ghetto Vocals

... by Pulsed Records delivers a collection of Vocal performances, suitable for Hip-Hop, Grime, Dubstep & more. The...

Price $20.57 USD

£14.99 GBP


Wake Up

... by Producer Loops is a killer collection of Drill Construction Kits including chart-ready vocals and backing vo...

Was $28.53 USD

Price $22.82 USD

£16.63 GBP

Keepsake: Lofi Drums

    Blind audio introduces 'Keepsake - Lofi Drums'. Capture the perfect Lofi vibe and set the mood with this deep colle...

    Price $13.66 USD

    £9.95 GBP



    ... by Producer Loops features a soulful blend of R&B samples and loops that fuse classic elements of the genre wit...

    Was $11.38 USD

    From $9.10 USD

    £6.63 GBP


    ... by 2DEEP embodies the raw sound of Hip Hop from the 2000s era with a modern twist, containing five kits heavily...

    Price $17.84 USD

    £13.00 GBP

    Trapped Soul

    ... is a sample pack featuring vocal toplines by Bromar inspired by the sound of Trap Soul artists such as Bryson T...

    Was $25.10 USD

    Price $20.08 USD

    £14.63 GBP

    Trap & Hip Hop Dark Vibes

      'Dark Vibes' by Banger Samples is an innovate Hip-Hop, Trap, Drill and Phonk sample pack containing more 180 WAV Fi...

      Price $21.73 USD

      £15.83 GBP

      Box of Beats

      ... by Producer Loops contains over 2GB of content which combines EDM, Dubstep, Complextro, Trap and Hip Hop in an...

      Was $11.38 USD

      From $9.10 USD

      £6.63 GBP

      Hip-Hop Golden Bullets

        Get ready to load your DAW gun with Hip-Hop Golden Bullets! IQ Samples are back with a great collection of Hip-Hop...

        Price $27.38 USD

        £19.95 GBP


        ... by Producer Loops is an essential collection of Construction Kits inspired by emblematic godfathers of West Coa...

        Was $17.10 USD

        Price $13.68 USD

        £9.97 GBP

        Jazzy LoFi Beats

          Mask Movement Samples and Histibe are excited to present 'Jazzy LoFi Beats' — an ultimate sample pack for produce...

          Price $65.81 USD

          £47.95 GBP

          Lillie McCloud R&B Vocals

          ... by Producer Loops features a stunning set of R&B vocal loops and samples beautifully performed by X-Factor USA...

          Was $10.24 USD

          From $8.19 USD

          £5.97 GBP

          90s Brooklyn

          • 30% off

          ... by Inspiration Sounds is a dope collection of Construction Kits inspired by giants of the 90s Hip Hop golden ag...

          Was $22.82 USD

          Price $15.98 USD

          £11.64 GBP

          Verzus 1 - Timbo x Swizzy

            ... by Lbandymusic is the first volume of the 'Verzus' series which will feature in each volume the styles of 2 Pro...

            Price $13.71 USD

            £9.99 GBP

            Hip Hop SZN

            ... by Producer Loops features a collection of Lo-Fi Hip Hop elements including glitchy synths and keys, vocal chop...

            Was $28.53 USD

            Price $22.82 USD

            £16.63 GBP

            King of New York

            • 30% off

            ... is a majestic collection inspired by the Old School New York scene made famous by artists such as Mobb Deep, Bl...

            Was $22.82 USD

            Price $15.98 USD

            £11.64 GBP

            Mustard Money Vol 1

              ... by Bang Bang Productions features 8 Construction Kits filled with that sought-after sound of the new West influ...

              Price $24.59 USD

              £17.92 GBP

              Epic Legends

              • 30% off

              ... is a fantastic new 3.4GB collection from Inspiration Sounds. It includes instrumental performances, Mandarin ra...

              Was $28.53 USD

              Price $19.98 USD

              £14.56 GBP


              Solo G Vol 2

              'Solo G Vol. 2' by King Loops is bringing you nothing but the finest Trap and Hip-Hop summer vibes inspired by arti...

              Price $12.53 USD

              £9.13 GBP

              Modern Hip Hop Sessions 1-3

              • 30% off

              ... from Transmission bundles this incredible series of razor-sharp and cutting-edge Hip Hop products featuring an...

              Was $68.57 USD

              Price $48.01 USD

              £34.98 GBP


                Ghost Syndicate presents 'SCORN' a hot new sample collection for future beats, halftime and experimental hip hop....

                Price $27.38 USD

                £19.95 GBP