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Best of Rock

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    Best of Rock

    'Best of Rock' by MAGIX includes all the right elements for Rock including distorted guitars and raging drums.

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    'Best of Rock' by MAGIX includes all the right elements for Rock including distorted guitars and raging drums.

    There's a total of 548 samples, including a whole range of bass, keys, pad, string and synth loops, as well as a ton of additional sounds for headbanging. For the best rock songs, nothing else will do.
    MAGIX's sample packs contain full orchestral and/or song compositions broken down into stems and individual samples with each instrumental stem and sample available in seven different tonal variations.
    Product Details:
    • 548 Loops
    • 120 BPM
    • 84 Bass Loops (12 Loops In 7 Pitches)
    • 16 Drumkits With Variations
    • 154 Guitar Loops (22 Loops In 7 Pitches)
    • 7 Guitar Solo Loops (1 Loop In 7 Pitches)
    • 25 Guitar Solo Loops (In Universal Pitch)
    • 35 Keys Loops (5 Loops In 7 Pitches)
    • 42 Pad Loops (6 Loops In 7 Pitches)
    • 57 Percussion Loops (In Universal Pitch)
    • 21 Strings Loops (3 Loops In 7 Pitches)
    • 42 Synth Loops (6 Loops In 7 Pitches)
    • 63 Vocals Loops (2 Songs In 7 Pitches)
    • 100% Royalty-Free

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