... by Producer Loops and The Sound Of Merlin is a classic 80s crossover library inspired by the seventies disco tr...

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£22.46 GBP


... is a homage to the Progressive Rock of bands of the mid-1970s. World-Class musicians from The Sound of Merlin d...

Was $40.54 USD

Price $30.40 USD

£22.46 GBP

The Morning After

... is the follow up to Gimme That Love. This 900MB pack arguably sets a new standard for the sample industry. With...

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£18.71 GBP


... from Producer Loops and The Sound of Merlin is an instrumental Progressive Jazz Rock Sample Pack which could ha...

Was $36.48 USD

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£20.21 GBP

Ambient Metal Constructions 4

... marks the return of this best-selling series. It's packed to the brim with 3.6 GB of new content, including gui...

Was $47.31 USD

Price $33.12 USD

£24.47 GBP

Ambient Metal Constructions 3

Producer Loops and Chimp Spanner are back with the final installment in the 'Ambient Metal Constructions' series. A...

Was $40.54 USD

Price $28.39 USD

£20.97 GBP

Ambient Metal Constructions 2

ProducerLoops.com and Chimp Spanner are back with 'Ambient Metal Constructions 2', a monster Construction Kit that...

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£20.97 GBP

Ambient Metal Constructions 1

... from Producer Loops blends the beautiful sounds found in ambient music with raging distorted metal guitars. Thi...

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Dirty Guitars Vol 2

    Add some warmth and grit to your productions with “Dirty Guitars Vol 2”. This pack includes a selection of 128...

    Price $16.87 USD

    £12.46 GBP

    Indie Rock Music

    ... brings you that Contemporary Indie Rock from Munique Music. Grammy Award-winning producer Sha'ul. His unique so...

    Price $21.42 USD

    £15.82 GBP

    Collision Trap Rock 3

      ... is the third installment in this unique series. Have you ever heard Trap with real guitars? The sounds are fina...

      Price $19.15 USD

      £14.15 GBP

      Rock Drum N Bass Volume 2

        Tsunami Track Sounds proudly presents ROCK DRUM N BASS volume 2 by Japan's Rock Band THE GAME SHOP from Osaka. This...

        Price $20.24 USD

        £14.95 GBP

        Park's Edition

          ... is an incredible Rock pack from Big Citi Loops. These five Construction Kits are modelled after the incredible...

          Price $28.18 USD

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          Ultimate Guitar Bundle

          • 10% off

          ... by Concept Samples delivers a bundled collection of professional Guitar recordings, suitable for producers of M...

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          £17.99 GBP

          Metal Monster

            Tsunami Track Sounds proudly presents Metal Monster by Osaka's UZMK! You don't know “heavy” until you hear this...

            Price $39.19 USD

            £28.95 GBP

            Indie And Folk Guitar

              Get ready for a road trip with 'Indie & Folk Guitars'! This Image Sounds library offers a broad collection of instr...

              Price $38.35 USD

              £28.33 GBP

              Lovers Rock Reggae Vocals

              • 25% off

              Dreadstar Vocals is proud to present our latest vocal sample pack: 'Lovers Rock Reggae Vocals'. A selection of clas...

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              £13.72 GBP

              Organic Drums & Percussion by Todd Bragg

              • 10% off

              Step into the wild side of acoustic drums and world style percussion with this dynamic collection of organic drum s...

              Was $56.41 USD

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              £37.50 GBP

              Rock Guitar Grooves 4

              ... by Luigi Productions features 70 live guitar samples and 15 live Bass samples that will help you start new idea...

              Was $18.04 USD

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              £11.33 GBP

              Sueño Motor: Dream Pop

                Blind Audio is happy to present 'Sueño Motor', a dusty and hazed-out collection of dreamy Pop Oneshots and Loops....

                Price $20.24 USD

                £14.95 GBP

                Let There Be Drums

                  Frontline Producer presents Let There Be Drums, a sizable collection of Mark Fletcher's drum excursions in a rock m...

                  Price $20.24 USD

                  £14.95 GBP

                  Hard Latin Rock

                  • 40% off

                  ... by Big Citi Loops features a set of Latin Rock samples that will bring you to your knees. You'll find ten fanta...

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                  £12.99 GBP

                  60s Acid Rock Vol 2

                    ... by Ueberschall delivers a further hedonistic dose of guitar-led 60s inspired rock. Complementing Volume 1, this...

                    Price $47.32 USD

                    £34.96 GBP