... from Ueberschall is a library of top-class acoustic guitar performances that are perfect for sin...

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... by Ueberschall is the perfect loop collection for songwriters and music producers. This Elastik ...

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... - Retro Sounds & Loops - is full of authentic Retro music arrangements, samples and loops inspir...

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... - Musical acid to expand your horizon - provides the ultimate in time travel back to the gloriou...

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... is a formidable collection of Royalty-Free samples to create your own rock masterpiece. With eve...

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... marks the return of this best-selling series. It's packed to the brim with 3.6 GB of new content...

Was £29.13 GBP

£20.39 GBP

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... from Ueberschall brings art from the noise. With the right guitar, the right amp and at the righ...

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... by 'Zion Music brings you 190 Rock guitar riffs, licks and patterns which are essential for Pop,...

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'Rhythm Shaw Guitar Vol 1' brings you two Construction Kits of guitar music recorded by young gui...

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... by Frontline Producer is a brand new Royalty-Free collection of funked up guitar riffs, shreds a...

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'Metal 2: Ueberschall' builds on the pedigree of the original Metal library, and titles such as '...

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'Guitar Ballads 2' is packed with guitar based inspiration upon which you can build your next chart friendly, mid to slow tempo ballad track.

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... will add some grit and grime to your tracks. This pack features 128 rough and ready Blues/Rock g...

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... delivers 10 huge Construction Kits of perfectly-crafted Modern Pop Rock chart hits. Just get cre...

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