... from Mainroom Warehouse is a sample pack full to the brim with top quality Kits, one-shots, loops and more.

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... includes five Construction Kits built with a special care and focus on inspiring sounds and vibes, from dark sounds to the soulful guitars and high quality drums.

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'Sounds of Cupid' is another journey that will take you through warm and sexy melodies that will surely make your m...

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... features five Construction Kits composed in the highest quality. This library delivers some top notch sound des...

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'Shockwave Bundle 2016' is the first mega bundle from Shockwave Samples, featuring their hottest products all in...

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... includes a collection of fresh EDM sounds to create your next dance floor smash. If you love the sounds of Hard...

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... includes three high quality sample packs totalling a whopping 912 WAV files. This bundle covers all your Dance ...

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'Freaky House' is a kooky collection of acid-fuelled House loops and samples to bring twisted good times and gli...

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... from Baltic Audio includes two best-selling releases. Get the current guitar and synth sound for the Deep House...

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... engulfs the listener into a realm of other-worldly sonic textures, trippy Minimal broken beats, atmospheric rhy...

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