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... steps back in time to the summer of love '88 and brings you a collection of the finest sounds of House music fr...

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'Analog Session: Classic House Vol 1' from House Of Loop introduces a pack that suits the needs of any producer who can't face the costs of real analogue sound.

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... teaches you exactly how to make an Old Skool 90s House track from absolutely nothing, right through to a fully arranged, polished professional mix.

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... takes inspiration from the original House music scenes of New York, London, New Jersey and Chicago. This pack s...

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'Old School House vibes' is an inspirational sample pack focused on fusion of modern house with some '80s and '90s old school House sounds.

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... brings you a deadly cocktail of dark basement sounds primed to fuel subterranean dancefloors. The recipe goes t...

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... by Production master brings you 11 complete Kits suitable for House, Tech House and Deep House. There are 11 di...

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... is packed full of cool Massive chords, leads, synths, bass and sequences. These presets are ideal for Classic H...

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... is ready to put some heat on the dancefloors with this incredible collection by Pulsed Records. Featuring vocal...

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... weaves together elements of underground NY House with, 90s Oldskool sounds and Vintage House, containing all th...

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... from RV Samples is a brand new royalty-free collection of synth stabs and chord shots inspired by the sounds an...

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'Classic House Keys' boasts a whopping 254 MIDI loops and 307 audio loops, all inspired by the best timeless sou...

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... is an exceptional Royalty-Free sample collection from one of House music’s early pioneers and most successful...

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