Worldwide Reggaeton

    ... from Singomakers is an inspirational fusion of Latin American and Caribbean music with a Moombahton and Hip Hop...

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    Summer Moombahton Vol 1

    • 40% off

    ... from Maverick Samples includes five Construction Kits containing everything you need to build hot Summer hits,...

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    Moombahton Lazer

    • 20% off

    'Moombahton Lazer' from Fox Samples is a hot new product from the Must Have Audio Series. This product contains...

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    Shocking Moombahton For Spire

    • 25% off

    ... is the long awaited soundset providing extraordinary patches inspired by one of the most original genres, Moomb...

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    Must Have Audio: Primal Beats

    • 20% off

    'Primal Beats' from Fox Samples is an amazing new product from the Must Have Audio brand featuring five top notc...

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    Reggaeton With Vocals

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    ... is a set of ten Construction Kits for producing Reggaeton and Moombahton. It features vocals from Latin duo Nor...

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    Reggaeton Heatwave

      ... is here - are you ready? This sweltering onslaught of fresh Reggaeton vibes has been simmering to boiling point...

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      Rasta MC Vocals

        ... by Loopmasters brings you messages of Peace, Love and Unity in this incredible pack featuring the vocal talents...

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        • 30% off

        ... from Ueberschall melts distinctive beats with the easiness of several Latin and Caribbean styles. Just the righ...

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        Rasta Vocal Samples 3

          ... has arrived and it's even fresher than a cold Red Stripe! Are you searching for a thorough high-res compilation...

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          Rasta Vocal Samples 2

            ... from Prime Loops brings you the fire once again, this time burnin' hotter than a volcano. Feel the full force o...

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            Ragga Vocals Vol 2

              ... is hot on the heels of the first volume, with 170 top quality ragga vocal samples produced by two of the bigges...

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              Ragga Vocals Vol 1

                ... comes straight from the studio of two of the biggest names in Ragga and Dub to bring you 168 vocal acapellas, e...

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                • 68% off

                'Reggaetone' blends Jamaican music influences of reggae and dancehall with those of Latin America, such as bomba...

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