Moonlight: Lo-Fi Hip Hop

    ... by ODD SMPLS is a carefully crafted pack recorded across the globe, all 100% royalty free. This audio collectio...

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    £24.95 GBP

    Lofi & Chill

    • 25% off

    ... by Producer Loops captures the true essence and beauty of the Lo-fi Hip Hop and Study Beats movement. We utiliz...

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    Early Morning Lo-Fi

      ... by Toolbox Samples is a beautifully composed pack ready for those early morning vibes. Wake up, sip some coffee...

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      Lo-Fi Origami for Serum

      • 40% off

      ... from Producer Loops is soulful, laid-back and replete with lush, hand-crafted sounds for Serum that are crackli...

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      Lo-Fi Piano

        ... by House Of Loop presents this astonishing Lo-Fi piano sample pack, 100% Royalty-Free....

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        Silk: Lo-Fi Hip Hop

        ... is a collection of soothing Lo-Fi vibes with tight Hip Hop beats. You'll get 266 sounds including some of the b...

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        Lush Lo-Fi Anthems

        • 40% off

        'Lush Lo-Fi Anthems Vol 1' by Producer Loops is a hip hop sample pack that contains the analogue warmth and harmoni...

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        Cozy Lo-Fi

          ... by IQ Samples features 804 MB of warm 90 BPM Lo-Fi samples suitable for Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, Chillout, Cloud Trap Sou...

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          Drum Shot: Hip Hop Cassette

          'Drum Shot Hip Hop Cassette' by Kryptic Samples is a unique drum sample collection from the 'Drum Shot Series'....

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          £5.81 GBP

          Blue Roses - LoFi Trap

          • 30% off

          ... by Osaka Sound seamlessly combines delicate piano and guitar melodies with authentic vinyl textures. Using an i...

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          Lo-Fi Vibes: Piano & Keys

          • 30% off

          'Lo-Fi Vibes-Piano & Keys' by Samples Choice is back with this impressive Lo-Fi collection. The pack is miscellaneo...

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          ... by Strategic Audio is a high quality LoFi Chillhop sample pack filled to the brim with that authentic Chill, Lo...

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          Sushi - Lofi Beats

          • 20% off

          ... by Osaka Sound is a meticulously crafted sample collection that combines outer space melodies with the dusty im...

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          Lo-Fi X Trap Bundle

          'Lo-Fi X Trap Bundle Vols 1-3' from Kryptic Samples combines this spick-and-span new hodgepodge of jazzy Lo-Fi samp...

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          Tunecraft Vibes Vol 1

            'Vibes Vol 1' by Tunecraft is a compilation of smooth guitar loops influenced by Jazz and Soul music, all performed...

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            Aurelius: Chill & Lofi

              ... by Blind Audio is a mellow collection of sounds suited to lazy afternoons and laid back Chillout sessions....

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              Lo-Fi Chill Guitars

                ... by House Of Loop presents an astonishing sound pack! This particular collection of samples is perfect for those...

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                Lush LoFi Vibes

                  ... by Shuriken Audio will be your best helper on your production. You will find everything that you need for creat...

                  $35.18 USD

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                  Lo-Fi R&B Grooves Vol 1

                    'Lo-Fi R&B Grooves Vol 1' by Vanilla Groove Studios features 142 smooth and melodic loops ranging from 87 to 104 BP...

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                    £12.46 GBP

                    Lo-Fi Piano Chords 2

                      ... by Eksit Sounds is back with some more Lo-Fi goodness. This is the sequel to the successful Lo-Fi piano chords...

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                      Freefall - LoFi Hip-Hop

                      • 30% off

                      ... by Three Seventeen delves into the world of dusty sound design, soulful melodies and nostalgic tones. This samp...

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                      £5.83 GBP