Lofi Live Guitars

    ... by Big Citi Loops is a Lo-Fi guitar loop pack loaded with a variety of styles and genres such as Jazz, Neo Soul...

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    £14.15 GBP

    Royalty-Free Chopped Samples

    • 50% off

    ... by Big Citi Loops is here with 20 Royalty-Free sample chops for producers of Hip Hop and RnB. This one-of-a-kin...

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    $7.37 USD

    £5.53 GBP

    Lofi & Chill

    • 10% off

    ... by Producer Loops captures the true essence and beauty of the Lo-fi Hip Hop and Study Beats movement. We utiliz...

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    $24.96 USD

    £18.72 GBP

    LoFi Piano Soul

    • 70% off

    ... by Triad Sounds presents some serious Soul keys to your LoFi beats with some real, live and raw recorded grand...

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    $6.67 USD

    £5.00 GBP

    Remember LoFi

    • 20% off

    ... by Osaka Sound is a unique sample pack inspired by the ever-growing and present LoFi Hip Hop culture. Expect no...

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    $18.66 USD

    £13.99 GBP

    Lo-Fi Origami for Serum

    • 50% off

    ... from Producer Loops is soulful, laid-back and replete with lush, hand-crafted sounds for Serum that are crackli...

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    $11.1 USD

    £8.32 GBP


    • 40% off

    ... by BVKER is a pack loaded with 200 Loops, 755 One-Shots and 40 MIDI files designed for Jazzy organic Lo-Fi prod...

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    £16.00 GBP

    Lush Lo-Fi

    'LUSH LO-FI' by Catalyst Samples is exactly what it says on the tin, superbly produced tight Lo-Fi goodness....

    $16.66 USD

    £12.49 GBP

    Lush Lo-Fi Anthems Vol 1

    • 50% off

    ... by Producer Loops is a hip hop sample pack that contains the analogue warmth and harmonic distortion that defin...

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    • 20% off

    ... by Osaka Sound is a unique collection of live-recorded vocals best suitable for Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, Chillout, and Do...

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    Lo-Fi Tones Vol 1

    • 10% off

    ... by Vanilla Groove brings a pack that features 57 smooth and ambient loops arranged in four convenient instrumen...

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    £11.22 GBP

    Tape Mafia Vol 5

    • 25% off

    ... by Epic Stock Media is the fifth release in the 'Mafia' drum series featuring over 115 saturated tape drum one-...

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    $15.84 USD

    £11.88 GBP

    Fire Chill Hip Hop

    • 25% off

    ... by Epic Stock Media includes 140 laid back Hip Hop drum loops, dreamy pads, nostalgic rhythms, soulful melodies...

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    $20.84 USD

    £15.63 GBP

    Daily Routine

    • 20% off

    ... by Osaka Sound is a timeless collection of lavish pianos and hand-crafted beats....

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    £9.33 GBP

    Lo-Fi Jazz Hop

    • 20% off

    ... by Samples Choice is back with this special pack. The collection contains loft Jazz Hop samples to build eight...

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    Lo-FI Rhodes

      ... by House of Loop is a pack based on the Rhodes Mk I and Rhodes Mk II models, two of the most popular variations...

      $17.27 USD

      £12.95 GBP

      LoFi Chill: Serum x CTHULU

      • 50% off

      ... by Glitchedtones puts together a go-to resource of all things mellow for those after-party vibes and rainy day...

      Was $26.67 USD

      $13.34 USD

      £10.00 GBP

      Lo-Fi Chillhop Vol 2

      • 50% off

      ... by Eksit Sounds is a pack full of chill vibes to get you started making your next study classic....

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      $8.33 USD

      £6.25 GBP

      Love Song

      • 25% off

      ... by Osaka Sound lets you dive deep into the sensual combination of smooth Jazz melodies, dusty beats, and heavyw...

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      £12.49 GBP