... is inspired by Italian-American gangster movies like 'The Godfather'. Capone is deeply rooted in the Chicago mo...

Was $34.31 USD

Price $20.59 USD

£14.98 GBP

Chill-Tempo Spanish Guitar

    We are proud to present the fifth part of our chill-oriented series of guitar packs – 'Chill-Tempo Spanish Guitar...

    Price $27.42 USD

    £19.95 GBP

    Osaka Beats

    ... is inspired by genre greats like Initial D and includes Japanese narration within the pack. ... features a coll...

    Was $22.86 USD

    Price $13.72 USD

    £9.98 GBP


    Lo-Fi Gospel

    ... by All Pro Loops is a fusion of chill sounds and beats based on Lo-Fi music and the soulful chords and progress...

    Price $22.90 USD

    £16.66 GBP



    ... from Producer Loops and 'The Sound of Merlin' is inspired by Lounge artists like St. Germain, and Kruder & Dorf...

    Was $28.58 USD

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    £16.63 GBP


    ... by Producer Loops features a soulful blend of R&B samples and loops that fuse classic elements of the genre wit...

    Was $11.39 USD

    From $9.11 USD

    £6.63 GBP

    Missing Earth 2: Lofi Hip Hop

      ODD SMPLS are proud to present the second part of their lofi bestseller. “MISSING EARTH 2 - LOFI HIP HOP” is an...

      Price $28.80 USD

      £20.95 GBP


      ... from Producer Loops and 'The Sound of Merlin' takes you on a journey to the mellow and atmospheric side of Elec...

      Was $22.86 USD

      Price $18.28 USD

      £13.30 GBP

      Dusty Late Night Vibes

        Samplestar are very proud to present Dusty Late Night Vibes. Smoky, jazzy, hip-hop vibes abound in this stellar pro...

        Price $17.17 USD

        £12.49 GBP


        ... is an offbeat, hard-hitting Trap collection featuring an ample variety of electronic and acoustic instrumental...

        Was $10.25 USD

        From $8.21 USD

        £5.97 GBP

        Foley Toys

          We present "Foley Toys" by Seven Sounds, a pack made with artifacts that produce very peculiar and unique sounds wh...

          Price $28.63 USD

          £20.83 GBP

          Hip Hop SZN

          ... by Producer Loops features a collection of Lo-Fi Hip Hop elements including glitchy synths and keys, vocal chop...

          Was $28.58 USD

          Price $22.86 USD

          £16.63 GBP

          Late Night Jazz Bundle (Vols 1-3)

          • 20% off

          'Late Night Jazz 1-3' from Anthology features 31 GB of sophisticated Jazz, expertly composed and arranged to infuse...

          Was $91.58 USD

          Price $73.26 USD

          £53.30 GBP

          Cozy Beats

            We are proud to present our latest release “Cozy Beats” comes with everything you'll need to make lo-fi beats!...

            Price $34.29 USD

            £24.95 GBP

            Lofi & Chill

            ... by Producer Loops captures the true essence and beauty of the Lo-fi Hip Hop and Study Beats movement. We utiliz...

            Was $28.58 USD

            Price $22.86 USD

            £16.63 GBP

            Abstract Lofi

              ... by Certified Audio features a set of degraded loops and samples for your Trip Hop, Hip Hop and Lo-Fi production...

              Price $27.48 USD

              £19.99 GBP

              Lo-Fi Origami for Serum

              ... from Producer Loops is soulful, laid-back and replete with lush, hand-crafted sounds for Serum that are crackli...

              Was $22.86 USD

              Price $13.72 USD

              £9.98 GBP

              Missing Earth: Lofi Hip Hop

                ODD SMPLS are proud to present “Missing Earth - Lofi Hip Hop”, an amazing collection of Lofi Chill samples. Th...

                Price $30.17 USD

                £21.95 GBP

                Lush Lo-Fi Anthems

                'Lush Lo-Fi Anthems Vol 1' by Producer Loops is a hip hop sample pack that contains the analogue warmth and harmoni...

                Was $34.31 USD

                Price $20.59 USD

                £14.98 GBP

                Lazy Days

                  ... by Samplestar features a pack full of laid back beats, warm and cozy melodies, soft keys and hazy guitars. This...

                  Price $17.17 USD

                  £12.49 GBP

                  Lo-Fi Vibes Vol 1

                  • 35% off

                  ... by Roundel Sounds features 5 Construction Kits including WAV loops and stems as well as MIDI files, giving you...

                  Was $24.05 USD

                  Price $15.64 USD

                  £11.38 GBP