Serum Presets Bundle Vol 1

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... by D-Fused Sounds is a huge selection of 185 Serum Presets ready to be incorporated in Trap, Techno or any styl...

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    ... by Producer Loops features a soulful blend of R&B samples and loops that fuse classic elements of the genre wit...

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      ... by Sonics Empire is a unique sample pack that blends LoFi, RnB, Trap and Hip-Hop music in a unison vibe....

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        ... by Producer Loops takes you on a journey to the more mellow and atmospheric side of Electronic Chillout Jazz. L...

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        Bird Bundle

        'Bird Bundle Vols 1- 3' by Kryptic Samples combines the three releases of this graceful collection of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop...

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        ... is an offbeat, hard-hitting Trap collection featuring an ample variety of electronic and acoustic instrumental...

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        Lo-Fi Dreams

        ... sample pack by Planet Samples brings Lo-Fi samples to help you to produce modern Lo-Fi Hip-Hop. This sample pac...

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        Hip Hop SZN

          ... by Producer Loops features a collection of Lo-Fi Hip Hop elements including glitchy synths and keys, vocal chop...

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          Lo-Fi Cream

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          ... by Certified Audio brings a landscape of vintage pianos, warm electric and synth bass Lo-Fi beats to help you o...

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          Late Night Jazz Bundle (Vols 1-3)

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          'Late Night Jazz 1-3' from Anthology features 31 GB of sophisticated Jazz, expertly composed and arranged to infuse...

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          Lofi & Chill

            ... by Producer Loops captures the true essence and beauty of the Lo-fi Hip Hop and Study Beats movement. We utiliz...

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            Lo-Fi Origami for Serum

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            ... from Producer Loops is soulful, laid-back and replete with lush, hand-crafted sounds for Serum that are crackli...

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            Lo-Fi Jazz Hop

              ... by Singomakers is a beautiful mix of Warm Lo-Fi Beats, with Classic Jazz Pianos, Flutes and Guitars, all flavor...

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              Lush Lo-Fi Anthems

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              'Lush Lo-Fi Anthems Vol 1' by Producer Loops is a hip hop sample pack that contains the analogue warmth and harmoni...

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              Lo-Fi Nostalgia

                ... by Touch Loops digs deep into the ethereal world of ambience, beats and processed Foley. Featuring iconic proce...

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                Chill Lo-Fi Guitars

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                ... by Certified Audio is a masterpiece composed of super wavy chilled out acoustic and electric guitars suitable f...

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                Lowkey Riders 3

                  ... by ODD SMPLS presents the next chapter of this LoFi-Soul series. It's an amazing journey into Chill-Hop world....

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                  ... by D-Fused Sounds is a sensational collection of energetic beats and moody melodies to jump in an immersive lo...

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                  Bird Vol 3

                  ... by Kryptic Samples is the third and last release of this graceful collection of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop and Chillhop. Thi...

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                  Soul-Fi Melodies

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                  ... by Samplestar presents a set of smooth Organic Soul vibes with LoFi aesthetics in this original and contemporar...

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                  Soulful Jamz

                    ... by Shuriken Audio will become your best production assistant. 100% Royalty-Free!...

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                    Lofi Hip Hop Chords For Cthulhu

                    • 15% off

                    'LoFi Hip Hop Chords for Cthulhu' by Glitchedtones is your new go-to preset collection for rich, harmonious and Jaz...

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                    £17.00 GBP