LoFi Hip-Hop

    ... by Sample This brings you a set of LoFi Hip-Hop sounds. Dusty drums, soothing melodies and deep basses, perfect...

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    £25.00 GBP

    Lofi & Chill Vol 1

      ... by Producer Loops captures the true essence and beauty of the Lofi Hip Hop and Study Beats movement. We utilize...

      $26.5 USD

      £20.79 GBP

      LoFi HipHop Part 2

        ... by MAGIX is full of swinged drum loops processed with creative effects and lively breaks, as well as atmospheri...

        $18.27 USD

        £14.33 GBP

        LoFi HipHop

          ... by MAGIX goes back to the roots and focuses on the original raw sound that speaks to the listener through the q...

          $18.27 USD

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          Lo-Fi Origami for Serum

          • 30% off

          ... from Producer Loops is soulful, laid-back and replete with lush, hand-crafted sounds for Serum that are crackli...

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          $14.84 USD

          £11.64 GBP

          Lo-Fi Cycles

            'LoFi Cycles' by Constructed Sounds presents a Sample Library that is a blend of jazzy Electronic driven Sound Desi...

            $14.76 USD

            £11.58 GBP

            Yoru: Dusty LoFi Hip Hop

              ... by Production Master brings that nostalgic LoFi sound. Enhanced with outboard harmonic distortion and analogue...

              $24.38 USD

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              Lush Lo-Fi Anthems Vol 1

              • 30% off

              ... by Producer Loops is a hip hop sample pack that contains the analogue warmth and harmonic distortion that defin...

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              £17.48 GBP

              Late Night Lofi

                ... by BVKER comes with 195+ Loops, 90 Drum One-Shots and 40 Serum Presets inspired by the most successful songs of...

                $24.38 USD

                £19.13 GBP

                Cozy Chill-Fi Beats

                  ... by Apollo Sound brings this awesome LoFi beat sample pack. Dip into a Cozy Chill-Fi Beats, a cosy relaxing bedr...

                  $26.7 USD

                  £20.95 GBP


                  Lo-Fi Future

                  ... is an interesting and unusual hybrid of musical genres and elements. Live acoustic guitars, out of tune pianos...

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                  £8.69 GBP

                  LoFi Guitar Samples 1

                    'LoFi Guitar Samples' by DABROmusic is an amazing collection of vintage, dusty, vinyl guitar loops for LoFi Hip Hop...

                    $26.7 USD

                    £20.95 GBP

                    GLOWW: Lazy Lo-Fi Beats

                      ... by Prime Loops is a genre-bending pack that takes modern Hip Hop, Jazz and Neo-Soul elements and adds a touch o...

                      $21.2 USD

                      £16.63 GBP


                      LoFi Sunsets Vol 2

                      ... by Strategic Audio is based heavily on the passion for the golden age of Hip Hop and by extension, it's offspri...

                      $23.36 USD

                      £18.33 GBP

                      Mellow Reels

                      • 30% off

                      ... by Samplestar features smooth non-quantized piano licks, crisp dusty drums loops, washy reverb soaked synth-lin...

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                      $11.14 USD

                      £8.74 GBP

                      Noise Floor

                      • 50% off

                      ... by Ueberschall delivers a huge collection of soulful and jazzy LoFi tunes. Across 10 huge construction kits, an...

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                      £17.48 GBP

                      Lo-Fi Hip Hop Vol 2

                        'Lo Fi Hip Hop Vol 2' by Audiosample returns with its essential collection of Lo-Fi sounds called in this second vo...

                        $16.99 USD

                        £13.33 GBP

                        Lofi Hip-Hop Samples 2

                          'Hip-Hop Samples 2 by DABROmusic continues the LoFi tradition and is proud to present this collection of sounds....

                          $30.53 USD

                          £23.95 GBP